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David Foster Wallace Sent in a 'Believer' Subscription Card With Corrections

Nick Greene

DFW included plenty of notes.

17 Fun Facts for the YMCA’s 170th Birthday

Mark Mancini

Between cigarette dogs and Nobel laureates (not to mention a certain disco anthem), it’s been an eventful 1.7 centuries for the Young Men’s Christian Association, whose first chapter was established i

Eisenhower Wrote a Letter Accepting Blame for D-Day's Failure, Just in Case

Lucas Reilly

"Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops."

Morning Cup of Links: Aliens in LEGO

Miss Cellania

How Did the Tony Awards Get Their Name?

Erin McCarthy

This Sunday, Broadway will gather to award 2013’s best actors, plays, and musicals at the annual Tony Awards.

5 Crucial Services I Take for Granted

Chris Higgins

7 Innovations Poised to Revolutionize Your Home

Heroes of the D-Day Invasion

Miss Cellania

5 Questions: Perfumes

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7 Practical Uses for Tattoos

Therese Oneill

Tattooing has become a legitimate art form. And, like art, something magical happens when design and function meet.

The Meteorologists Who Helped Plan D-Day

Hannah Keyser

Today would have been the 70th anniversary of D-Day, if not for an unfavorable weather forecast.

The Missing Links: Don’t Wear A Gorilla Suit to the Zoo

Colin Patrick

The Mystery of the "Space Roar"

John Cuturic

While there are some theories, we still don't know what's causing it.

14 Facts About the Cookiecutter Shark

Erin McCarthy

The cookiecutter is already a cinematic star thanks to a supporting role in the 2011 horror film Shark Night 3D, but there’s a lot about this rarely-seen shark that’s still a mystery.

What’s the Difference Between “Prison” and “Jail”?

Sean Hutchinson

Many use the terms “jail” and “prison” interchangeably, and while both terms refer to areas where people are held, there's a substantial difference between the two methods of incarceration.