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6 Sssecrets of a Snake-Sound Scientissst

Kate Horowitz

It's not all hiss, rattle, and slither. Snakes can also growl, fart, and shriek.

Study Finds Trees Are Good for Your Heart

Shaunacy Ferro

When all the trees die, people tend to have more heart attacks.

What Do Penguins Find Sexy? Beaks

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study finds that king penguins look for mates with similar beak coloring.

Some Japanese Monkeys Can’t Taste Bitterness

Kate Horowitz

And that may be working in their favor.

7 Cautions for Chicago Tourists From an 1888 Visitor Guide

Nick Greene

"Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut."

45 Years of Monday Night Football's Memorable Theme Music

Erika Berlin

Are you ready for some football?

11 Facts About 'The Grapes of Wrath'

Joy Lanzendorfer

For Birds, Beauty is Only Feather Deep

Anna Green

Flashier feathers don't necessarily mean better genes, according to a new study.

You Can Now Rent a Room in H.P. Lovecraft's Former Home

Kirstin Fawcett

The one-bedroom apartment in Providence, R.I., boasts large bay windows, in-building laundry, and an impressive literary legacy.

There’s a Sea Otter With Asthma and She Knows How to Use an Inhaler

Shaunacy Ferro

Mishka, who lives at the Seattle Aquarium, is the first sea otter diagnosed with the condition.

13 Fascinating Facts About ‘Dog Day Afternoon’

Eric D Snider

Sidney Lumet’s Oscar-winning retelling of a bizarre Brooklyn bank robbery was released 40 years ago.

Virtual Reality Sigmund Freud Gives Good Advice, Study Finds

Anna Green

The illusion of being in another person's body affects the way we think.

These Glasses Will Make Your Beer Look And Taste Better

Michele Debczak

Serious glasses for serious beer connoisseurs.

The Missing Links: Andy Samberg's Emmy Opener

Olivia Harrison

The Word 'Huh' Might Be Universal

Anna Green

The word “huh” packs a lot of meaning into just one syllable.