Sizing Up Abraham Lincoln's Feet

Caitlin Schneider

From the top of his top hat to the soles of his (very large) shoes, Lincoln knew the importance of dressing well.

Gorgeous Images of Killer Whales from Above

Erin McCarthy

Researchers are using unmanned aerial vehicles to take gorgeous—and scientifically useful—video of northern resident killer whales.

This Ejector Bed Keeps You From Sleeping In

Rebecca OConnell

70 Years Later, U.S.S. Indianapolis Vets Recall Surviving Shark-Infested Waters

Jen Pinkowski

The worst shark attack in history followed the bombing and sinking of the USS Indianapolis on July 30, 1945.

16 Feasible Facts About the 'Mission: Impossible' Movies

Roger Cormier

Some facts about the five-movie franchise, should you choose to accept them.

The Ongoing Mystery of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Actual Height

Janet Burns

Hasta la vista, shorty!

Tracking City-Dwelling Coyotes in Los Angeles

Caitlin Schneider

The National Park Service is tracking the movement of two coyotes to find out how the animals live in their unusual urban habitat.

8 Strange and Wonderful Festivals and Events in August

Miss Cellania

THere's still time for a roadtrip this summer to one of these unique festivals.

Saturday is DOGust First! Celebrate With Your Nearest Shelter Dog

Rebecca OConnell

Dogust the First is the universal birthday for all rescue dogs.

The Most Popular Liquor in Each State

Alvin Ward

From just a glance, you can see most of the country has a deep love for whiskey.

How Ants Cooperate to Move Heavy Loads

Shaunacy Ferro

Just a few ants steer, while a larger team lifts.

2000-Year-Old Cat Pawprint Found on a Roof Tile

Shaunacy Ferro

Cats, ruining things since the beginning of time.

29 Unforgettable Epitaphs

Stacy Conradt

These final words leave a lasting impression.

Grave Sightings: Warren G. Harding

Stacy Conradt

For one of the least-liked presidents in history, Warren G. Harding has a heck of a gravesite in his hometown of Marion, Ohio.

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