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11 Cultural Breakthroughs Genghis Khan Achieved During His Reign

The Answer Begins With 'L'

There's your hint.

Artist Buys Run-Down Chicago Bank for $1 and Transforms It Into Arts Center

Rebecca OConnell

This crumbling bank was destined to be torn down, but one artist had other plans.

10 Most Relevant or Memorable Words from the Democratic Debate

Arika Okrent

Vocabulary.com used their list-making tool to figure out what the most relevant words used in the debate were.

The Science Behind a Relaxing, Hallucinatory Float in a Dark Tank of Water

Shaunacy Ferro

Flotation REST is a form of sensory isolation that some researchers say could treat chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

Look Like Superman While You Ride This Prone Bicycle

Hannah Keyser

A prone bicycle claims to have improve upon the classic with a number of safety and efficiency upgrades.

7 Insane Sports and Games That Were Too Crazy to Last

Nick Greene

From balloon-jumping to Viking bone-throwing, these sports won't be featured on your cable guide anytime soon.

How Foley Artists Make Horror Movie Sound Effects

Anna Green

Foley artist Gary Hecker explains how to make spooky sound effects with everything from creaky furniture to celery.

Male Crickets Bribe Their Mates With 'Gummy Bears'

Kate Horowitz

The chewy nuptial gifts have no nutritional value.

Name the Official Languages of the United Nations

Take the quiz!

Vintage Photos of Wrigley Field To Celebrate The Cubs' NLDS Win

Hannah Keyser

A look back at over a century of baseball played at Wrigley Field in honor of the Cubs' NLDS win.

Do All Houseflies Hum in Key?

April Daley

No matter their size or speed, the household pests are always in sync.

New Test Detects All Viruses That Infect People and Animals

Jordan Rosenfeld

ViroCap can also detect “novel” viruses not yet identified, as long as they share a few genetic characteristics with known viruses.

Scan Through History With This Beautiful Interactive Timeline

Caitlin Schneider

An interactive tool that makes the past feel like so many puzzle pieces fit together.

10 Heart-Warming Hot Springs to Get You Through Winter

Janet Burns

Don't pack those bathing suits away just yet.