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Harry Potter Fans Welcome New Readers With #PotterItForward

Caitlin Schneider

The meme adds just a little more magic to the big wide world of wizards and Muggles.

The Lightning (Almost) Never Stops at This River in Venezuela

Bess Lovejoy

Lightning storms rage about 150 times a year at this river in Venezuela.

18th Century Men Wore Dresses Called Banyans

Kirstin Fawcett

The flowing dresses signified education, refinement, and leisure.

The Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy Gets a Close-Up

Olivia Harrison

Astronomers from the European Southern Observatory have released a new moving image of the dwarf galaxy.

15 Ice Trays to Make Your Drink Even Cooler

Rebecca OConnell

Don't be so square. No matter how delicious your drink, it can always be improved with a creatively-shaped ice cube.

"Snubby," the Rare Dolphin With a Permanent Grin, is Spotted in Australia

Olivia Harrison

Meet “Snubby,” a rare melon-headed, snubfin dolphin who has an adorable permanent grin.

'Around the World in Eighty Days' Postcards Made With Google Street View

Michele Debczak

This illustrator is bringing a classic novel to life using modern technology.

Watch These Drones Build a Bridge

Shaunacy Ferro

Two Swiss robots can put together a basic rope bridge without human intervention.

12 Stripped-Down Facts About ‘Showgirls’

Garin Pirnia

What would Jessie Spano say?

Archaeologists Discover Tomb in Pompeii Predating Vesuvius Eruption by 400 Years

Jen Pinkowski

She was buried with more than a dozen decorated vases.

Watch the First-Ever Horror Movies Made Just for Apes

Anna Green

Comparative psychologist Fumihiro Kano and his collaborator Satoshi Hirata are using the movies to study long-term memory in apes.

This Interactive Game Shows What Your Brain Looks Like When You're Anxious

Shaunacy Ferro

Neurotic Neurons shows how signals bounce around the brain, helping us learn and unlearn anxious responses.

What's on the Other Side of the World?

Rebecca OConnell

You can't actually dig to China.

The 13-Year-Old Who Invented a LEGO Braille Printer

Anna Green

The LEGO printer will help make Braille more accessible.

6 Audacious Efforts to Save Endangered Rhinos

Shaunacy Ferro

Drones, armed guards, and international relocation are helping to protect rhinos from poachers.