Morning Cup of Links: Useful Majors

Miss Cellania

The anxiety of a generation may be defined by the "fear of missing out." or FOMO.

From King's Quest to Leisure Suit Larry: A Brief History of Sierra On-Line

Rob Lammle

If you had a home computer in the 1980s, you probably played at least one adventure game from Sierra On-Line.

The Late Movies: Violent Femmes' First Album Turns 29

Chris Higgins

In my neverending quest to make you feel old, I have news: the eponymous Violent Femmes album (also known as "the best Violent Femmes album") turns 29 years old this month.

In 1945 a Japanese Bomb Exploded in Oregon, Killing Six

Judy Dutton

Image credit: Southern Oregon Visitors Association In November 1944, fifty years before Predator drones swept on the scene, the Japanese military devised a low-tech method of dropping bombs on fore

Really Big Tetris

Chris Higgins

MIT's 21-story Green Building was briefly transformed into a giant Tetris game on on September 12, 2011. That game was shut down due to glitches in gameplay.

What's the Nerdiest Thing You've Ever Done?

David K. Israel

[Originally published January 9, 2008] I was clicking through our archives recently and discovered something pretty impressive: almost every blogger on this site, including yours truly, has written

Brain Game: Mind the Gap

Today's Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge is a new Word Ladder puzzle.

Morning Cup of Links: Do the Carlton

Miss Cellania

Jim C.

7 Oddball Aquatic Mammals We Love

Maggie Ryan Sandford

There are over 100 species of marine mammals in the world, and most of them have as much cool stuff going for them as any old Moby Dick.

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Barbra Streisand

Erica Palan

Happy 70th Birthday to singer, actress, writer, film producer, director and all-around fabulous gal, Barbra Streisand. Babs has had a pretty neat career.

6 Wordsmiths Who Couldn't Spell

David K. Israel

This month marks my 6-year anniversary blogging for mental_floss. It also marks's 6-year anniversary in the blogosphere.

Operation Eagle Claw: The Disastrous Rescue Attempt During the Iranian Hostage Crisis

Erik Sass

© Mahmoudreza Kalari/Sygma/Corbis The Iranian Hostage Crisis, in which Iranian student revolutionaries held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days, was an unprecedented act of state-sanctioned terrorism

The Origin of the Wonderlic Test (and Which Manning Scored Higher)

David Goldenberg

© David Bergman/Corbis If book smarts translated to field sense, NFL coaches would be desperately recruiting mathletes.

The Visual Poetry of Corrupt Video

Chris Higgins

In this five-minute video, we see portions of a Mad Men episode (episode 408, "The Summer Man") as it appears when incompletely downloaded via BitTorrent.

8 Wild and Wonderful Stone Giants Around the World

Miss Cellania

A few years ago, I wrote about some interesting rock formations in the post Nature's Stone Giants. Then there was a followup: Rocks that Rock: 8 Stone Giant Sites.