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8 Pop Culture References to Yogi Berra's "It Ain't Over Till It's Over"

Erika Berlin

The fat lady has nothing on Yogi's "It ain't over" saying.

In Scotland, "Snaw-Pouther" Is Just One of 421 Words for Snow

Janet Burns

The other terms include “flup,” “glush,” “goor," and "Katty-clean-doors."

Detroit Teen Builds Wheelchair-Adaptable Stroller for New Mom

Michele Debczak

The 16-year-old made the stroller in his high school STEM class.

How Much Coffee Would It Take to Kill Someone?

Shaunacy Ferro

Anything can be lethal at high enough doses.

Answer These 30 General Knowledge Questions

Can you name the answers to these 30 general knowledge questions?

The Missing Links: When Selfies Attack

Olivia Harrison

Clever Octopus Burrows Into Homemade Quicksand

Olivia Harrison

Few animals can blow our minds like the octopus—and this one is an expert at hiding.

Why Preserving Old Computer Games is Surprisingly Difficult

Anna Green

It's as difficult as trying to restore a film with just a bad VHS recording

Heaven on Wheels: 7 Super Cool Popemobiles

Kristen Hall-Geisler

Here are a few of the more interesting vehicles to convey waving popes over the past century.

What People in 1902 Thought "Women of the Future" Would Look Like

Caitlin Schneider

From artists to firefighters, the uniforms imagined in this series are far cooler than what actually came to pass.

Remembering Daniel Thompson, Inventor of the Bagel-Making Machine

Kirstin Fawcett

Thompson's creation sped up the manufacturing process—and revolutionized the American diet.

A Doll With Menstrual Pads Teaches Girls About Their Periods

Shaunacy Ferro

Lammily's Period Party is a quirky way to approach the "becoming a woman" conversation.

Giraffes Hum at Each Other

Shaunacy Ferro

This is the first evidence that giraffes use vocalizations to communicate.

Happy Birthday to Everyone! "Happy Birthday" Finally Enters Public Domain

Rebecca OConnell

Say goodbye to "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" as a stand-in.

Can You Smell All The Smell Out of Something?

Hannah Keyser

Technically? Yes. But your nose probably doesn't have the power to steal an entire smell.