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11 Examples of the Odd Dialect Called EU English

Arika Okrent

Every profession has its in-group ways of using language, but not every profession requires native speakers of many different languages to communicate with each other every day.

Quantum Teleportation Just Got Even Faster

Janet Burns

How One Guy Recreated the Magic of Thor's Hammer With Science

Andrew LaSane

A fun way to combine electromagnets with a fingerprint scanner.

New Museum on the Brothers Grimm Opens In Germany

Shaunacy Ferro

Located in the brothers' longtime home of Kassel, the museum celebrates them as pioneers of German language studies.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Two Brothers,' 'Twilight Children,' and more.

Caramel Apples Linked to Deadly Listeria Infection

Kate Horowitz

But don't give up on them just yet.

The Musical Easter Egg Hidden in Windows 95

Mental Floss UK

"Clouds" might be the catchiest noise Windows 95 ever made.

Inside a French Museum Filled With Miniature Movie Sets

Rebecca OConnell

Professional miniaturists were once relied on to create entire movie scenes in 1/12 scale.

A High-Tech Selfie Stick for Serious Filmmakers

Andrew LaSane

This isn't your grandmother's selfie stick.

What Do Those Numbers On Your Toaster Mean?

Mental Floss UK

No, they don't correspond to minutes. At least not always.

Study Suggests Women With Summer Birthdays Are More Likely to Be Healthy

Anna Green

Using a data set of around 450,000 men and women, scientists found that children born during the summer months were likelier to be heavier at birth, and taller as adults.

Why Do Some Farts Stink and Some Farts Don't?

Shaunacy Ferro

Not all of the gas you pass is smelly.

NASA Releases Super High-Resolution Video of Jupiter

Shaunacy Ferro

Hello there!

Can You Actually Learn in Your Sleep?

Anna Green

Before you invest in any programs that claim to teach you while you sleep, you should probably read this.

Time Capsule Film From a 1950s Mental Hospital Is Full of Mysteries

Shaunacy Ferro

What might that lost audio have contained?