Why Do Bugs Turn Over on Their Backs When They Die?

Matt Soniak

Bug image via Shutterstock It doesn’t happen to every single bug, but if you stumble upon an expired roach in the bathroom or a downed fly by the window, you’ll find that they’re frequently flat on

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Deeply Cosmic and Fascinatingly Disturbing Thoughts

Chris Higgins

On March 26, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson participated in a talk on "Cosmic Quandaries" in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Brain Game: Short Spell #10

Today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the Brain Game is filled with commonly-misspelled words that begin with the letter "E." Four are spelled correctly; one is not.

Morning Cup of Links: Cats in Space!

Miss Cellania

Manufactured outrage is just another example of political theater.

The Late Movies: Songs About Hard Work on Tax Night

Erica Palan

I don't know about you _flossers, but I just forked over a few hundred hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam.

12 Attempts to Bribe Celebrities for Worthy Causes

Stacy Conradt

Want to contribute to a worthy cause and get your favorite celebrity to do something awesome and/or ridiculous? That’s the idea behind Charity Bribes.

Obscura Day 2012: Get Out There and Explore!

Erica Palan

Thanks to the internet, the world can sometimes seem awfully small.

Tupac at Coachella and Other Posthumous Performances

Colin Patrick

The crowd at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this past weekend was treated to a “live” performance from an artist none of them expected to see up on stage: Tupac Shakur.

The Perverse History of Copyright

Chris Higgins

In this short video, explainmaestro C.G.P Grey explores the history of copyright, using the only slightly less alarming headline Copyright: Forever Less One Day (there's also a transcript at tha

10 Cool Bridges from Around the World

David K. Israel


9 People Who Rose to the Challenge

Miss Cellania

People with disabilities have the same aspirations as anyone, whether they came up with a dream before or after they became disabled.

Brain Game: Am I Your Type?

The second day of the workweek brings with it a new Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge.

On Sticking Your Arm Into an Underwater Cavern and Hoping a Catfish Bites You

Dr. Craig McClain

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters/Landov Lincoln Sadler eyes one of his favorite fishing spots, Great Rock, from a distance, but times his approach around an oncoming boat so as not to reveal the rock’s secr

Morning Cup of Links: Pulitzer Pieces

Miss Cellania

The Pulitzer Prizes have been announced, and for the first time since 1977, no fiction titles won.

5 Apocalypse Scenarios Governments Have Actually Addressed

Kathy Benjamin

From a Zombie invasion to a March Madness app infecting all our cellphones, governments are preparing for the worst. 1. A Zombie