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6 Unproduced Pixar Films and Sequels

Rudie Obias

Here are a handful of ideas Pixar hasn't moved forward on.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Why Are We Still Looking for Jimmy Hoffa?

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

One of America's most intriguing cold cases heated up this week when a tip from a retired mobster sent FBI and Michigan law enforcement officials wielding shovels and bulldozers to a suburban Det

Trailer Thursday: Zombies and Monsters!

Stacy Conradt

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 106

Mark Arminio

9 Stars Who Played Themselves

Aly Semigran

But the crop of current Hollywood stars that appear in This is the End are hardly the first to play an embellished version of themselves on the big or small screen.

How Eavesdropping Was Punished in Medieval Times

Arika Okrent

When people live together in small communities they can be a great source of comfort and support to each other—but they can also really get on each other's nerves.

The Missing Links: Where's That Ninja With My Water?

Colin Patrick

11 Niche Blogs to Start Your Summer

Miss Cellania

There are Giant Clouds of Alcohol Floating in Space

Lucas Reilly

Go home, universe. You're drunk.

The Night Sky: 6 Hours of Stars

Chris Higgins

We've Got Some Antimatter to Sell You

The Not-So-Glamorous Early Jobs of 23 Famous People

Ethan Trex

Lots of wildly successful celebrities have had some strange jobs before hitting it big.

18 Fan Art Tributes to Tony Soprano

Jill Harness

How Do Whales Hold Their Breath for Such a Long Time?

The Week

It's not only because they have huge lungs.