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This High-Tech Rubber Can Heal Itself

Shaunacy Ferro

A group of European scientists have devised a way to convert tire rubber into a self-healing material, according to a new study.

26 Animal-Themed Products to Help You in the Kitchen

Rebecca OConnell

Sure, these products aren’t real animals, but at least they don’t have ticks.

How to Travel Cross-Country For Only $213

Caitlin Schneider

The most romantic way to journey from California to New York might also be the cheapest.

People Can't Tell Their Toes Apart Without Looking, New Study Finds

Caitlin Schneider

Beyond misidentification, participants reported having a sense that one of their toes had gone missing.

Early Australians Might Have Shared the Continent With Giant Killer Lizards

Anna Green

A recently-discovered fossil may have belonged to the Megalania monitor lizard, which grew up to 20 feet.

5 Unique Drinking Traditions Around the World

Jennifer M Wood

‘Booze Traveler’ host Jack Maxwell had consumed cow blood in Tanzania and cobra wine in Hong Kong.

Tiny Works of Food Art Arranged in Spoons

Rebecca OConnell

Delicious works of art by the spoonful.

The Ability to Recognize Faces Might Be Genetic

Shaunacy Ferro

So says a study of more than 2,000 twins in the UK.

Lost Puppy Found in the Middle of the Desert

Anna Green

The explorers nursed the shivering, dehydrated puppy back to health, feeding him string cheese and building a tiny bed for him in an empty beer box.

11 Dizzying Facts About ‘Vertigo’

Tara Aquino

What was once a box office dud has come to be regarded as Hitchock’s true masterpiece.

This Conversational Strategy May Be a Language Universal

Arika Okrent

Across all languages, humans ask for clarification in conversation every 84 seconds, on average.

There's Liquid Water on Mars

Jen Pinkowski

It's salty and it's flowing right now, they say.

Whales and Cows Share Gut Bacteria, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

Carnivorous whales’ gut bacteria are surprisingly similar to strains found in herbivores.

The Missing Links: What's Happening in the Background of the Cantina

Colin Patrick

Disney Parks Will Celebrate the ‘Season of the Force’

Michele Debczak

The event includes a twist on one of Disney's most iconic attractions.