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Brain Game: Short Spell #12

Today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game asks you to choose between four commonly-misspelled words that end with the letters "ABLE." Three are spelled corr

Morning Cup of Links: Lucas' Spite House

Miss Cellania

How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit. You can't fool all the people all of the time. * A new trailer for the Ridley Scott prequel Prometheus is out, and it shows aliens!

The Late Movies: Best of Live Aid

Erica Palan

In my life off the Internet, I live in Philadelphia, where I was born and raised.

The Missing Links: Enter the Anger Room

Colin Patrick

That Nuclear Disaster Could Have Been A Real Kodak Moment The bankrupted camera company apparently had a whole bunch of dangerous material – and barely anyone knew it. * Whether You Love This I

12 Really Forced Portmanteaux That Didn't Catch On

Caity Weaver

There are times when one big word can more effectively do the job of two words. These are not those times.

And Now, a Little Public Radio Humor

Chris Higgins

Last Thursday, This American Life LIVE played in movie theaters around the US, Canada, and Australia, beamed live via satellite from a stage performance in New York City.

Niche Blogs: What Kids Eat

Miss Cellania

Chicken nuggets and pizza, right?

29 Vintage Police Photos for Peace Officers Memorial Day

Jill Harness

Did you know that today is Peace Officers Memorial Day?

Brain Game: Don't Go West, Young Man

Good luck with today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge: Only two U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: Patriotic Pups

Miss Cellania

How to Give a Commencement Speech.

Thank You to Everyone Who Mentioned Us on This Reddit Thread

Jason English

Reddit must have like 50 million readers. A few hours ago, Alatorr gave us a shout out halfway down this thread about the most intellectually stimulating websites.

11 Facts About the Ambidextrous

Adrienne Crezo

If you can write equally well with either hand, then you are the one percent.

The Missing Links: That Cute Lion Wants to Have Your Child Over for Dinner

Colin Patrick

Choosy Expectant Moms Choose Cigs Holy Moly. Imagine if this ad appeared today. * Don’t Play Games With Your Food.

Cloudy With a Chance of Catastrophe: Predicting the Weather in Space

Liana Aghajanian

Image credit: NASA In 1859, while observing sunspots, a young astronomer named Richard Carrington recorded a geomagnetic storm so powerful, the electrical currents it sent to Earth were enough to k

The New York Times' "Lively Morgue"

Chris Higgins

The New York Times files away old photographs in a subterranean archive dubbed the morgue. This has been going on for decades.