The Genius of the Joy of Cooking

the mag

by Tim Farrell Forget magazine clippings and newspaper headlines.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Water Lowered for Farting Turtles The staff at the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in Norfolk, England learned their lesson last year, when farting turtles set off overflow alarms at another aquariu

Morning Cup of Links: Twenty Ten

Miss Cellania

How to say the year. This is important in order to communicate properly and avoid petty disagreements. (via YesButNoButYes) * What Israel can teach us about security.

Our Top 5 Stories of 2009

Jason English

We've been counting down the year's most-read stories. First we rattled off #20 to #14. Then came #13 to #6. At long last, here are the five most popular stories of

Bubble Trouble: The Not-So-Sweet History of Champagne

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By Eric

Morning Cup of Links: Fear of Ducks

Miss Cellania

Why put off until tomorrow what pleasures you can enjoy today? Because people have the mistaken notion that someday they won't be as busy as they are today.

10 Unusual Traditions for Ringing in the New Year around the World

David K. Israel

Did you know that in Switzerland people ring in the new year by dropping a dollop of cream on the floor?

The Quick 10: The Tournament of Roses Parade

Stacy Conradt

This may make me a total dork, but my favorite part about New Year's Day is getting up and watching the Rose Parade in my pajamas.

Dietribes: The Fortune Cookie

Allison Keene

"¢Â Fortune cookies were introduced by a Japanese (not Chinese!) immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara, who ran a tea room in San Francisco.

Can I Unlock Other People's Cars With My Remote?

Matt Soniak

Jason English, our esteemed editor, wonders, "How many other Camrys would my remote unlock?

Best Sesame Street Videos We Posted in 2009

Chris Higgins

This year I posted a bunch of Sesame Street videos.

Morning Cup of Links: Cosmopolitan Gumbo

Miss Cellania

Starbucks launched their campaign against AIDS in Africa by putting together singers from 156 countries in one video performing "All You Need is Love".

The Power of Twitter

David K. Israel

[update! Jamie Denbo, aka Beverly, has just added a personal note to this post for all us _flossers.

How Did You Know, Kris & Ryan Kelly?!

David K. Israel

First a little update: We're now over 760 fans over on the Hunt's Facebook page! Gamers are taking it upon themselves to trade answers through cryptic clues! Nice going Fans!

The Secret Lives of Game Show Hosts

Kara Kovalchik

They've got gleaming, flawless teeth, hair that could withstand hurricane-force winds and emotions that run high when giving away a case of Turtle Wax.