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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

A roundup of the strangest news stories from all over.

‘The Warriors’ Reunited to Recreate Their Subway Ride to Coney Island

Jennifer M Wood

The cast of the New York City-set cult classic took a ride on the Q train.

A Short History of Area 51's Shady Expansion

Area 51, everyone's favorite alien conspiracy theorist hub, is growing—whether its neighbors like it or not.

Pick the Correct Word for Each Definition

Take the quiz!

Olé! 13 Tidbits About Taco John’s

Nicole Garner

It's the only place you can officially go for Taco Tuesday.

Feel Virtual Reality With a High-Tech Armband

Rebecca OConnell

Now you can feel what your character does.

See the Same Sentence in 17 Different Sign Languages

Arika Okrent

Watch how people from all over the world sign the sentence, "More is possible."

Misconceptions about Movie Making

How Did Language Begin?

Sean ONeill Arika Okrent

Here's what we know about the origin of language.

20 Pieces of Iconic Pop Culture Memorabilia You Can Own Right Now

Andrew LaSane

What Is the Multiverse?

Janet Burns

According to theories, everything that could occur or exist does exist in at least one universe...whoa.

Florida's Incredible Coral Castle

Rob Lammle

Edward Leedskalnin spent nearly 30 years building this stone monument to the fiancée who jilted him.

"The Surest Jaws on All Four Paws": Ashley Whippet, Dog Frisbee Pioneer

Jake Rossen

How a 28-pound pooch made canine Frisbee a worldwide phenomenon (and got his owner arrested).

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