Weekend Links: Wild Winter Weather

Allison Keene

An informative and well-designed graphic look at the 2010 movie box office (some may surprise you!) * Epicurious tackles the lucky and unlucky as far as New Year foods go.

Bud Shaw's Year in Review

Bud Shaw

In 2010, retired heavyweight Mike Tyson appeared on Animal Planet. As a pigeon racer. The Pittsburgh Pirates fired a pierogi mascot for ripping the team on Facebook. A Norwegian cross country

The Late Movies: Ringing in a New Year

Miss Cellania

As we welcome 2011, enjoy some New Year music and memories.

Opening Champagne With a Saber

Colin Patrick

If you plan to ring in the new year with a little bubbly and you feel the need to get all impressive by, say, opening the champagne bottle with a large hand knife, then look no further.

Morning Cup of Links: New Years Eve

Miss Cellania

One of our New Year traditions is to kiss someone at midnight. No pressure there, right? A kiss is a great way to start out a new year on a high note, and here's the science behind it.

Yes, Virginia, There Is a mental_floss Store (But it's Closing at 1 Today)

Jason English

Our retail store in Chesterland, Ohio, will be closing at 1 today. Doors open again at 10 on Monday. Happy New

6 Other Things Dropped on New Year's Eve

Kara Kovalchik

The most famous New Year's Eve “drop” is the 11,875-pound icosahedral geodesic sphere that descends the flag pole at One Times Square in Manhattan.

The Late Movies: Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Erica Palan

Whether you plan to quietly ring in 2011 on the couch or you'll be partying like a rock star in Times Square, tradition dictates that Dick Clark should help you celebrate.

And the Biggest Liar of 2010 Is…

Colin Patrick

David Milz is the king liar of 2010 - at least according to the Burlington Liars' Club.

How Did You Know? – Day 4 Level 3/Bonus Round

David K. Israel

YES! You can play this challenge/contest without knowing a thing about the weekly hunt! It's sort of a one-off - a stand-alone if you will.

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts (about elements)

Stacy Conradt

The Periodic Table is full of fascinating facts? Why, that’s elementary, my dear

The Road to Street Sign Standardization

Ethan Trex

Every time we jump in our cars, we see countless road signs that we take for granted.

neatorama presents: HDYK? - {day 4}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know?

Does Your Airport Actually Use Its Scanners?

Jill Harness

If you're among the 48% of travelers planning to avoid air travel until you can be assured you won't be subjected to the full-body scanners, you should know that just because an airport has

Morning Cup of Links: Snowstorm as Art

Miss Cellania

A study shows that empathy has been declining among college students, even faster in recent years.