Morning Cup of Links: Elves with Lightsabers

Miss Cellania

10 Ways to Make the Internet Better. Sign me up for slide whistle scrolling! * New Suburbanism: Reshaping the Way City Planners Think About the 'Burbs.

Today's Google Doodle: Diego Rivera

Jason English

Today would have been Diego Rivera's 125th birthday, and Google is celebrating his big 1-2-5 with a Doodle.

The King of Dudes (Hint: It’s Not Jeff Bridges)

Stacy Conradt

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a man they called the King of Dudes. Not “dude” in the sense that we use the word today - the King would certainly have been appalled by Bill S.

The Late Movies: Saved by the Bell's Musical Numbers

Erica Palan

I love Saved by the Bell more than is probably reasonable for a grown woman. (Need evidence?

How Do New Periodic Table Elements Get Their Names?

The Week

Every so often, we'll reprint something interesting from our sister publication, The Week. This is one of those

Urine Controlled Video Games

David K. Israel

Well this will give Wii a whole new meaning: In the UK, Captive Media has just, er, released, a urinal mounted, urine-controlled games console for the men's room.

Beautiful Pictures of Destroyed Technology

Jill Harness

We use electronics every day, making them easy to take for granted despite their complex innerworkings.

Months Before Lincoln Was Shot and Killed, He Was Almost Shot and Killed

Stacy Conradt

We all know what happened to President Abraham Lincoln the night he went to watch Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theater.

Brain Game: It's 8 Letters Long

Thanks for trying today's Wednesday Wordplay puzzle at the Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Ninja Dog

Miss Cellania

25 Biggest Facepalm Moments Of 2011.

John Hodgman on mental_floss: "Much Better Than Poking Your Brain With a Stim-U-Dent."

Jason English

John Hodgman had some nice things to say about mental_floss this morning. He also left a comment under another post to explain his frustration over e-books.

The Number of the Day: 250

Colin Patrick

Starting today, fans of the Green Bay Packers can purchase an official share of stock in the team for $250. The FAQs at offer further details for any Cheesehead thinking about gett

Why Is a $100,000 Bill on a Billboard in New York?

Ethan Trex

Photo by Friends of the High Line, Courtesy of John Baldessari and Marian Goodman Gallery There's a big $100,000 bill plastered on a billboard near the High Line in New York.

Brain Game: Mucha Gente

Today's Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge requires you to choose the correct city in one of three states - California, Florida, or Texas.

Morning Cup of Links: Blood and Honey

Miss Cellania

New postal service cutbacks will mean slower delivery of first-class mail.