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11 Unusual Bookstores You Can Visit

Rebecca OConnell

Sure you can buy books on Amazon, but there’s something about going to a bookstore and picking the right title out by hand.

New Study Suggests the ‘Uncanny Valley’ Is Real

Anna Green

Creeped out by humanoid robots? You're not alone.

Corporate Logos Made Beautiful With Lush (But Sort-of-Dead) Plants

Rebecca OConnell

These signs look like they're made of lush, living plants.

16 Quick Coffee Facts for National Coffee Day

Do you want cream and sugar with your java facts?

Where Does That Stereotype About Cops and Doughnuts Come From?

Kirstin Fawcett

The trope's origin story is actually kind of sweet.

6 Ways Parents Can Introduce Their Kids to Coding

Rich Barrett Gene Luen Yang

The joys of coding at any age.

8 Joys of Autumn

Fall has its fair share of haters. Here's why they're just plain wrong.

Illinois Man Grows the Largest Pumpkin in North America

Kirstin Fawcett

The Great Pumpkin: The record-breaking gourd tipped the scales at 2,145.5 pounds, more than a ton.

5 Questions: Wag the Dog

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Are White Cats More Likely to Be Deaf?

Shaunacy Ferro

Several studies have reported that deafness is more prevalent in white cats, but few provide a good estimate of how common it is.

11 Snobby Myths About Wine

This Glider Is Set to Soar Higher Than Any Plane

Michele Debczak

The current altitude record is held by a jet, and the Perlan 2 aims to break that using nothing but air currents.

This High-Tech Rubber Can Heal Itself

Shaunacy Ferro

A group of European scientists have devised a way to convert tire rubber into a self-healing material, according to a new study.

26 Animal-Themed Products to Help You in the Kitchen

Rebecca OConnell

Sure, these products aren’t real animals, but at least they don’t have ticks.

How to Travel Cross-Country For Only $213

Caitlin Schneider

The most romantic way to journey from California to New York might also be the cheapest.