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Dothraki Creator Has New Guide to Art of Language Invention

Arika Okrent

If you are a budding language inventor now thinking “yikes! What’s an ergative language?” Peterson has written the book for you.

The Treehouse Bars of Paris

Stacy Conradt

Guinguettes de Robinson were Parisians' favorite way to spend a summer evening.

How Kooky Pop Songs Made Parry Gripp an Internet Sensation

Kate Horowitz

His album boasts an impressive 50 tracks with titles like “You’ve Got to Have Faith (In Your Antiperspirant)” and “You Ain’t Never Drank No Soda Like This One Here.”

Morning Cup of Links: 'Night of the Living Dead' Family Tree

Miss Cellania

Links for a great Friday!

Why Do We Take Coffee Breaks?

Kirstin Fawcett

How timeouts for the humble caffeinated beverage became a workplace mainstay.

Artists’ Studios Recreated as Miniature Sculptures

Michele Debczak

Artist Joe Fig has replicated the work spaces of contemporary artists in striking detail.

See the 12 Stages of a Hero's Journey in Lovely Animation

Caitlin Schneider

It starts and ends with Frodo, but on this well-trodden path, there are a lot of familiar faces in between.

Touring 24 of the Top Coffee Production Regions

Drew Moody

Coffee shopping can be a bit confusing. Is there really a difference between beans grown in Colombia and ones from Ethiopia? There is!

This Dog Rehab Center Helps Troubled Dogs Find a Home

Anna Green

For the trainers, each wag of the tail or lick on the arm is a cause for celebration.

Security Features in U.S. Paper Currency

Caitlin Schneider

The average bill is outfitted with tons of secret features to separate the posers from the real deal.

Special Cups Mimic the Moon's Phases as You Drink

Rebecca OConnell

Honor our cold and distant neighbor with these cool "Moon Glasses."

8 Hard Facts About the Penis Bone

Kate Horowitz

What is it, what does it do, and why don't humans have one?

One of the Largest Concentrations of Sharks Ever Filmed

Andrew LaSane

If you're not already afraid of sharks, you will be.

Why Your Dog Hates Postal Workers

the mag

The rational science behind Fido's seemingly irrational aggression.