Everything is a Remix: "Kill Bill"

Chris Higgins

In this video, the second part of the Everything is a Remix series, filmmaker Kirby Ferguson explains how Hollywood films are now overwhelmingly based on existing properties -- almost everything that

How High Is the Price of Gas (Historically)?

Brett Savage

Do the swoon-worthy gas rates companies are charging at the pump these days make you think, "Geez, if only it were 1918.

Cuckoos and Other Animated Clocks

Miss Cellania

Mental_floss blog editor Jason English told me his daughter wanted a cuckoo clock, but she wanted one with a dog instead of a cuckoo.

neatorama presents: HDYK? – {day 1}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! We're going Monday-Thursday this week because of the holiday week as co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I bring you the next How Did You Know?

Celebrating Lesser-Known Prehistoric Animals

Jill Harness

Everyone knows about tyrannosauruses and raptors,  but what about azhdarchids, purussauruses or gorgonopsids (like the one above)?

Brain Game: That Darn Clock

Today is Tuesday Test Time, and this one requires some brain work, so stretch out your cranium if you haven't done so yet today.

Idiot Control Now: MST3K Movie Musical Moments

Kara Kovalchik

Best Brains Inc., the eponymous minds behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, had a fabulous creative team that came up with many hilarious song parodies and musical tributes over the course of the serie

Morning Cup of Links: Life Plans

Miss Cellania

The History of Tequila. We wouldn't have the liquor today if Spain hadn't used a shortcut for importing goods from the Philippines. (via TYWKIWDBI) * 9 Road Signs For Your Life.

The Quick 10: The New York Public Library Turns 100!

Stacy Conradt

Happy Birthday to one of the best places in the world to curl up with a good book: the New York Public Library.

The Late Movies: Weirdo How-Tos

Ransom Riggs

Our DIY friends over at Boingboing have an amazing, years-deep archive of how-to-make-stuff posts, which include a great many videos.

Giant Panda Facts!

Kara Kovalchik

Ming Ming, the world's oldest panda in captivity, passed away on May 7, 2011, at China's Panyu Xiangjiang Wild Animal World.

4 Crimes That Inspired Law & Order Episodes

Jill Harness

Truth is stranger than fiction, and one place that becomes very clear is in Law & Order episodes that were ripped from the headlines.

Hamilton's Dueling History, a Haunted Bar and the Bank That Owns the Pistols: Your Guide to the Hamilton-Burr Duel

Leah Welborn

Image courtesy of Bill Coughlin/The Historical Marker Database So, you want to impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of the Hamilton-Burr duel.

The Weirdest Trees Ever

Jill Harness

What's so interesting about this mass of bushes? Well, not much...other than the fact that it's not a mass of bushes— it's actually one giant cashew tree.

Epic Sci-Fi Trivia Battle

Ransom Riggs

The Adult Swim pilot Welcome to Eltingville didn't get picked up to be a full-fledged show, but if this snippet is any indication, it would've been a scream.