Scenes From the Duct Tape Festival

Amy Preneta

According to its website, the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival "celebrates duct tape, its enthusiasts and its wacky and fun uses." The festival takes place in the Duct Tape Capital of the Wo

Google Changes Image Search

David K. Israel

I search stuff out on Google dozens of times a day. In fact, I probably spend more time sifting through Google search results each day than I do eating. It's that much a part of my day-to-day.

Oh, the Places Your Ashes Will Go!

Ethan Trex

Want to be cremated, but worry that your ashes will just end up buried in a cemetery or sitting in some boring urn? Fear not! Have a look at these 10 bizarre places that ashes have gone. 1.

Sci-Fi Dinner Party

Jill Harness

This alien chestburster roast might not look like the most delicious dinner party centerpiece, but it's certainly the most imaginative I've ever seen and it fits right in with the other out-

10 Bizarre but Cuddly Plush Toys

Miss Cellania

Since I posted a list called Plush Toys Grownups Will Love a couple of years ago, I've been collecting new and different stuffed toys that appeal to one's sense of fun, irony, and/or anarchy

Brain Game: Five from '10

Here are five 2010 feature films, each of which have five-word titles. Can you identify all five of them by only their initials?

The Number of the Day: 4.5

Colin Patrick

Al Capone, the infamous mobster and convicted tax cheat, spent 4.5 years of his prison sentence at Alcatraz.

Morning Cup of Links: Apollo Insurance

Miss Cellania

Apollo astronauts couldn't buy life insurance if their lives depended on it. But NASA came up with a seemingly silly but genius scheme to raise money in the event of an on-the-job death.

The Late Movies: Double Rainbow (So Intense)

Chris Higgins

If you haven't seen the "double rainbow" video on YouTube, get ready for something, uh, intense.

The Quick 7: Seven Pieces of Unapproved Signage

Stacy Conradt

Yesterday's post about graffiti turned up some interesting info on a similar phenomenon sometimes referred to as Unapproved Signage (sometimes it doubles as installation art).

The Ultimate Superfans: Tribute Bands That Really Rock

Rob Lammle

They're called phonies, posers, and knock-offs. But the hard-working fans in tribute bands deserve a little respect.

A Shanty Town for Dogs?

Jill Harness

If you're familiar with Brazil, you probably already know about the colorful shanty towns of the country, known as favelas, many of which are built precariously along the sides of massive mountai

This Kid Might Own Us All One Day

Colin Patrick

When I was eight, the only thing I was building were forts made out of couch cushions.

At the Libraries: Your Weekly Round-Up

Miss Kathleen

Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of library-related items.

Architecture as Advertising in Los Angeles

David K. Israel

Here in Los Angeles, cars rule. You've all heard the Missing Persons' song "Walking in LA" - well it's true: nobody walks here. It's just not that kind of town.