11 Web Toys for the Dog Days of Summer

Miss Cellania

Oh, here's a few ways to take a break from work!

Your Cool New Hobby: Moss Viewing

Caitlin Schneider

The excursions are "like magic," according to one recent participant.

'Back to the Future' is Now a Monopoly Game

Jake Rossen

Plutonium not included.

A Brief, Sticky History of Tarring and Feathering

Janet Burns

In 2015, we often use the term “tarred and feathered” to describe crowd-sourced vendettas against strangers (like ganging up on someone through social media) or retaliation from one’s peers.

Temporary Tattoos That Appear Like Magic on Your Skin

Rebecca OConnell

Too old for temporary tattoos, but not ready to make a commitment to the real deal? Enter Inkbox.

A Brief History of 'The Jon Stewart Show'

Jennifer M Wood

As Jon Stewart exits his seat on the 'The Daily Show,' we're looking back at the 1993 MTV show that helped him hone his hosting skills.

Watch 'Sea Lice' Devour an Entire Pig in Just Days

Shaunacy Ferro

The ocean is a crazy place.

15 Explosive Facts About Farts

Shaunacy Ferro

Do you smell something?

The Missing Links: Goodbye Jon

Colin Patrick

Keep Your Cats Cool With Homemade Kitty Popsicles

Hannah Keyser

Can you imagine sitting through this heat in a fur coat?

Match the Quote to the Movie

Take the quiz!

The Key to a Long Life: Spicy Foods?

Shaunacy Ferro

A study of almost 500,000 people in China finds links between the frequency of spicy meals and lower risk of mortality.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Smokejumpers

David W Brown

Listen to Chris Farley Voice Shrek

Rebecca OConnell

A clip of Chris Farley's voice as Shrek has been released to the public.

Amy Poehler Launches a Hilarious New Web Series About Science

Shaunacy Ferro

'Experimenting with Megan Amram' features real science (and women in science) while parodying a superficial talk show.