What 10 Classic Books Were Almost Called

Stacy Conradt

Remember when your high school summer reading list included Atticus, Fiesta, and The Last Man in Europe? You will once you see what these books were renamed before they hit

10 Things About Detroit That May Surprise You

Mark Arminio

Once one of the largest, richest and most prosperous cities in the US, Detroit has fallen on hard times.  But reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.  It remains a city with a talented workforce

10 Quirky Things Politicians Do

Jason Plautz

We elect our Senators and Representatives with the expectation that they'll bring our interests to the legislative process and work to bettering the country.

The Early Game Show Appearances of 10 Future Stars

Kara Kovalchik

1. Mel Harris In 1979 future thirtysomething star Mary Ellen Harris (her real name, as we found out) competed on the $20,000 Pyramid.

10 Things You Might Not Know About J.R.R. Tolkien

Brian Gottesman

There are plenty of things even the most ardent fans don't know about John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

10 Surprising Bobbleheads

Allison Keene

Not just a staple for at least one summer baseball promotion night a year, bobbleheads for fictional and historical figures, even 60s rock bands are pretty commonplace.

10 Awesomely Geeky Birthday Cakes

Jill Harness

1. Dungeons and

10 Abandoned Psych Wards Photographers Love Sneaking Into

Ransom Riggs

Abandoned buildings imply a mystery (what happened?) and a challenge (can I get inside and see?).

10 Songs That Sample “Good Times”

David K. Israel

Written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, it was first recorded by their band Chic for their 1979 album Risqué.

10 Postmasters General Who Weren't Boring

Rob Lammle

If pressed, most people probably couldn't remember the name of any of the United States' Postmasters General (yes, we're going with "Postmasters General").

"Hallelujah" 10 Ways

Chris Higgins

"Hallelujah" is a song written by Leonard Cohen in 1984, and never officially released as a single.

The Origins of 10 Food Phrases

Matt Soniak

If you like a little food etymology with your Sunday brunch, this list is for

10 of the Best Parents in Fiction

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

It’s a lot more difficult than you might think to find good parents in fiction: Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of fiction deals either with the lack of a parent—being a cardinal rule of children’s fict

10 Facts About The Ten

Andréa Fernandes

In 1897, ten painters seceded from the Society of American Artists in protest of the group's increasing focus on “too much business and too little art.” These 10 artists signed a charter for thei

10 Cocktails Named After Famous People

Ethan Trex

If you want to add a little celebrity pizazz to your tipple, try one of these 10 cocktails named after famous people. 1. The John