Ronald Reagan and Drew Barrymore Recruiting Future Astronauts in 1984

Jason English

President Reagan with Drew Barrymore at a ceremony launching the Young Astronauts program on the South Lawn.

Garfield is on Twitter

Chris Higgins

After last week's Hilarious Garfield Variants (which, to be fair, were equal parts funny and insane), it came to my attention that America's favorite feline is on Twitter.

Brain Game: Endless Summer?

Not all of us are prepared for the arrival of fall, but I welcome any indication of the end of the violent storms and sweltering heat. One such sign?

Morning Cup of Links: Bottle Trumpet

Miss Cellania

New York Magazine posted a comprehensive Encyclopedia of 9/11.

The 6 Levels of Extreme Apple Fandom

Oliver Noble

Image credit: TechCrunch For some people, Apple is very much a religion.

A Town of Storybook Houses and How They Came to Be

Stacy Conradt

In 1924, a man named Hugh Comstock took a little trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California to see his sister and her husband.

The Late Movies: Songs About Guys Named Johnny

Erica Palan

No matter which style of music you prefer, there's always a guy named Johnny. Whether he's a a runaway teen, a country singer or a convict, Johnny pops up in songs all the time.

Mark Twain Invented a Board Game Called Memory-Builder

Stacy Conradt

Mark Twain: writer, philosopher, riverboat pilot... board game designer?

Star Wars Behind The Scenes: 40 Rare Photos

David K. Israel

Today, I present some rarely seen photos of Star Wars behind the scenes. Candid moments, funny moments, serious moments...

MythBusters Bloopers and Outtakes

Chris Higgins

UPDATE (September 8, 2011): apparently all of the videos below have been taken down due to copyright claims. What a shame.

7 Groundbreaking Specialty Acts

Miss Cellania

Imagine that you had one very specific talent -something unusual, that people would normally never encounter in their everyday lives. Could you make a living doing it?

Stunning Paper Bird Sculptures

Jill Harness

There are plenty of origami birds out there, but what makes the designs of Joyanne Horscroft and Julie Wilkinson so different is the distinct sculptural aspect of their papercraft birds.

Brain Game: DDT

It's Tuesday Test Time once again at the Brain Game. Good luck with today's challenge! The following are the titles of five popular feature films that hit U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: Bad Coffee

Miss Cellania

Tokyo's top 10 mythical beasts. I'm familiar with some of these, but no matter how much I looked, there was no Godzilla to be found.

Hitler's Nephew, Stalin's Daughter and Other Famous Defectors

Rob Lammle

Here are four defectors whose stories you won't soon forget. 1. Hitler's