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15 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Julie Andrews Quotes

Jennifer M Wood

The raindrops on roses-loving Hollywood icon is turning 80 years old today.

Throw Wildflower Seed Bombs to Bring Back the Bees

Kate Horowitz

The colorful seed balls bloom into honeybees' favorite wildflowers.

Vintage 1970s Lunch Boxes Revisited: When Pop Culture Ruled the Playground

This Box Can Simulate the Weather Forecast

Michele Debczak

This tempescope creates rain, clouds and lightning in a space no bigger than a table lamp.

7 Odd and Awesome Festivals and Events in October

Miss Cellania

At least one of these might be work a road trip!

The Missing Links: Doc Brown is Back

Colin Patrick

Scientists Are Using Fossils to Determine Dinosaurs’ True Colors

Anna Green

Organelles called melanosomes could reveal dinosaurs' true colors.

The Most Frightening Food Found on Airplanes

This Careful Robotic Hand Can Pick Up An Egg Without Cracking It

Shaunacy Ferro

It can also pick a CD up off a table.

Pristine Civil War Cannons Removed From South Carolina's Pee Dee River

Michele Debczak

They've sat at the bottom of the South Carolina river ever since they were pushed overboard 150 years ago.

‘Friend Books’ Were the Facebook of the 16th Century

Shaunacy Ferro

Social media isn’t new.

Scientists Use Ultrasound to Activate Brain Cells

Jordan Rosenfeld

They altered how neurons behave in the brains of nematode worms.

10 Twangy Facts About Disney's Country Bear Jamboree

Stacy Conradt

Even a bona fide Liver Lips McGrowl groupie might not know these facts about the classic Disney attraction.

The Prettiest Pigeons You've Ever Seen

Kate Horowitz

Quirky portraits capture the birds’ beauty and personality.

When Evacuating Hospitals, Some People Use Baby Aprons

Kate Horowitz

Hospital staff use infant evacuation aprons to carry babies to safety.