The Late Movies: Cooking Shows on Crack

Ransom Riggs

Sometimes it takes a special blend of trippy editing tricks to show us just how weird cooking shows really are.

The Quick 10: The Almost-Titles of 10 More Books

Stacy Conradt

There are so many books that have been retitled (usually with much better names), I couldn’t just stop at the 10-10-10 list.

10 Awkward Speeches, Interviews and Rants

Carl King

Pass the mic and prepare for the worst. Here we have 10 awkward speeches, broken interviews, and impromptu rants by celebrities and public officials. 1.

Our Trivia Show in Birmingham is Tomorrow!

Andréa Fernandes

Hey Birmingham Flossers! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 12th at 7pm. The mental_floss Trivia Show is coming to Cantina on 29th Street in Birmingham. (Check out the map to get

10 Unbelievable Performance-Enhancing Substances

Alisson Clark

Here are 10 historical performance enhancers that put the ‘dope’ in

The Number of the Day: $5.5 Million

Joe Hennes

In the early 1980s, the Children’s Television Workshop was sued for $5.5 million by the owners of the Beatles catalogue, who said the song “Letter B” (performed by the Sesame Street Beetles) was too s

6 of the Worst Car Accidents in Recent U.S. History

David K. Israel

I suffer from dystychiphobia, the fear of accidents. It's pretty intense.

Dan Hanna: 17 Years of Self-Portraits in One Video

Chris Higgins

Artist/animator/filmmaker Dan Hanna has been photographing himself every day from two angles, for roughly 19 years (he started in 1991).

10 Disturbing Episodes from Norse Mythology

Brian Gottesman

Most people have some passing familiarity with Norse mythology and legend. Even the days of our modern week are named after its gods and goddesses.

10 Absurd Facts About the Worst Director of All Time

Colin Patrick

October 10th was the birthday of Ed Wood, Jr. – the quirky filmmaker frequently referred to as the worst director of all time. But that moniker really sells him short.

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts

Ransom Riggs

Doogie Horner may be the world's only stand-up comedian / book designer, and he pretty durn good at both.

Morning Cup of Links: Precious Guano

Miss Cellania

"...boom, there are all these wildcatters and roughnecks throwing up the Stars and Stripes on little mounds of manure all over the world." A fascinating look at American imperialism, the Gua

10.10.10: The Extravaganza Continues

Jason English

Looks like our little party is going to spill into 10.11.10. We're 18 stories into our 10.10.10 extravaganza, and there are plenty more 10 lists to come.

10 Famous Found Films

Steve Gartland

We just looked at 10 famous films that might be lost forever. But there's hope! Here are 10 famous films that were missing before magically turning up. 1. The first version of John

10 Famous Lost Films

Mark Juddery

There’s a long list of classic (or at least, significant) movies that might never be seen again: major films starring some of the most popular stars of the silent cinema; Saved from the Titanic (1912)