At the Libraries: Should Teen Books Have a Rating System?

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

How Fake Snow Works

Chris Higgins

Last Christmas, I received a curious gift: a tiny bag of white crystals labeled Fake Snow. "Just add water," it said. So I did.

9 Delightful Library Cats

Miss Cellania

Libraries are quiet places visited by children and literary-minded people and sometimes the occasional mouse. That makes them wonderful places for cats to hang out.

Brain Game: L if I Know

Can you come up with the five countries that will solve today's Brain Game Think Thursday challenge?

Morning Cup of Links: Fish Tales

Miss Cellania

99 Food Holidays To Celebrate This Summer.

13 Cool and Crazy Variations on the Bicycle

Jill Harness

Bicycles are a great way to get around, but for some people, the standard design could use a little improvement.

The Late Movies: Merlin Mann's Greatest Hits

Chris Higgins

If you don't know Merlin Mann, you're in for a treat.

The Missing Links: What Would You Ask Bayside's Mr. Belding?

Colin Patrick

The Perfect Office Chair Is Out There Right? It must be. Here’s why we haven’t found it. * How Do You Get Robots To Dance In Unison to the Song Thriller? One word: Bacteria.

5 Signs Humans Are Still Evolving

Jessica Hullinger

When we think of human evolution, our minds wander back to the thousands of years it took natural selection to produce the modern-day man. But are we still changing as a species, even today?

Dietribes: Nuts for Cashews

Allison Keene

• The cashew is a very unusual nut.

Why Pluto Isn't a Planet (Sorry)

Chris Higgins

Pluto's demotion from "planet" status to "lame Kuiper Belt resident" ahem "dwarf planet"/"planetoid" continues to be the subject of deep nerd rage.

In Defense of the Mosquito: 10 Things to Know About Summer’s Biggest Annoyance

Matt Soniak

Between the itching and the welts and the fears of West Nile, it's easy to forget that mosquitoes are a wonder of evolution, and maybe they don't really get a fair shake from us.

The Most Artistic Bananas You've Ever Seen

Jill Harness

You already know that bananas turn brown when they're bruised, so the concept of banana art being made with nothing more than a push pin makes sense.

Brain Game: Short Spell #13

Today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the Brain Game asks you to choose between five commonly-misspelled words that end with the letters "ENT." Four are spelled correc

Morning Cup of Links: Just Add Bacon

Miss Cellania

Prom 2012: Expectations Vs. Reality. From the experience of a blogger who went to her own senior prom recently. * Google Thinks You’re Stupid—and Works to Keep You in the Dark.