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Universal Pictures Imagines What ‘Jaws 19’ Would Look Like

Jennifer M Wood

This time it’s really, really personal.

6 Awesome Mancaves With Hidden Entrances

Andrew LaSane

Every home needs one of these cool, secret spaces.

How Realistic are Chess Scenes in Movies? Chess Grandmaster Weighs In

Anna Green

Chess gets a lot of play on the big screen. But do the matches even follow the real-life rules of the game?

Where Each Part of the World Gets (and Sends) Its Food

Michele Debczak

These charts show how much different parts of the world depend on each other for food.

New Study Finds a Little Encouragement From Friends and Family Goes a Long Way

Anna Green

Praise from friends and family not only makes us feel good, it actually improves our problem-solving skills.

10 Nifty Tips For Becoming a Successful Criminal, According to Harry Houdini

Anna Green

"The Right Way to Do Wrong"

Flash Photography Brings Drab Clothing to Life at Paris Fashion Show

Michele Debczak

Japanese fashion brand Anrealage is embracing the smartphone.

New Photo of Outlaw Jesse James Discovered

Shaunacy Ferro

Just hanging out with his friend/future assassin Robert Ford.

20 of the Most Memorable Teachers in Television History

From chemistry teachers-turned-kingpins to gym teachers with a heart, the small screen is full of memorable educators.

Filmmaker Tracks Down Real-Life Betty from ‘Archie’ Comics

Anna Green

94-year-old Betty Tokar Jankovich dumped the 'Archie' creator when she was 18.

Inside New Delhi’s "Colony of Wooden Puppets"

Anna Green

Breathtaking photos of the world's largest artists' community.

The Great Peshtigo Fire: The Deadliest Blaze You've Never Heard Of

Stacy Conradt

On October 8, 1871—the same day the Great Chicago Fire killed 300—a conflagration twice the size of Rhode Island swept across Wisconsin, killing 2500.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Chester A. Arthur

Benjamin Lampkin

He was a fashionable dude, for one.

The Missing Links: Double-Sided Pizza

Colin Patrick

Afternoon Map: What States Are Using What Curse Words?

Rebecca OConnell