Must See TV


Must See TV


The Scientists Behind the Movies

Miss Cellania

Without science, there would be no science fiction. Here are some stories of real life researchers whose work was the inspiration for literature and eventually the Hollywood

From Hippo Vaughn to Shoeless Joe Jackson: The Origins of 17 Classic Baseball Nicknames

Ethan Trex

Baseball's regular season is winding down, and this year's tight pennant races are sure to generate quite a bit of excitement.

Brain Game: Row, Row, Row... Row, Row

Thanks for playing the Tuesday Brain Game. In the following graphic, each of the 26 letters of the alphabet has been grouped into one of five rows.

The Number of the Day: 61

Jason English

Joe DiMaggio famously had a 56-game hitting streak.

Morning Cup of Links: Gamer Girls

Miss Cellania

The Open Road Wasn’t Quite Open to All.

The Late Movies: Between Two Ferns

Ransom Riggs

If you're a fan of awkwardness and non sequiturs, you'll probably love Between Two Ferns, which is Zach Galafinakis' short-form interview show.

How Much Do You Share Online?

Ransom Riggs

I'm a blogger, so I guess by default there's an aspect of my life (my work life, at least) which is super-public, like what you're reading right now.

The Quick 10: 10 Things You Need to Know About “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Stacy Conradt

On this day many years ago (1814, to be exact), Francis Scott Key saw the tattered remains of the American flag still blowing in the breeze after Fort McHenry had been bombarded by the British all nig

Trivia Contest: Cartoon Voices!

Jason English

Michael Cera was the voice of Brother Bear in the early years of the latest Berenstain Bears series.

Pollyanas Are Good Lie Detectors

Meghan Holohan

In 1913, Eleanor H. Porter published a young adult's book, Pollyanna, about a girl who finds the good in everything.

How Did the States in the USA Get Their Names?

Matt Soniak

Reader Adam from Fairfax, Virginia, wrote in to ask, "How did the US states get their names?" This week, we'll be tackling the origins and meanings of the names, 10 states at a time.

YouTube Time Machine

Chris Higgins

Today's fun internet trick: YouTube Time Machine.

5 People Who Were Wrongly Convicted

David K. Israel

1. Madison Hobley On January 6, 1987, Madison Hobley was awakened early in the morning by a blaring smoke alarm.

Roll Over Beethoven: 6 Modern Deaf Musicians

Rob Lammle

Famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven began to lose his hearing around the age of 25. By the time of his death, he was completely deaf.

Odds/Ends: Contest Winners!

Jason English

Before I disappear on paternity leave, we've got a few old contests we need to settle up.