Brain Game: Short Spell #1

Welcome to the Brain Game. I was the spelling champion (three years running) at my high school.

Morning Cup of Links: The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2

Brian Abrams

One-minute physics: Is Schrödinger's cat dead or alive? * In 1973, Francis Ford Coppola wrote Marlon Brando a letter, urging the eccentric icon to return for The Godfather, Part II.

The Late Movies: Twin Peaks Parodies

Erica Palan

Yesterday’s post about a never-made video game based off cult-classic Twin Peaks had me thinking about Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, Bob, the Log Lady and the rest of cast of David Lynch’s TV drama.

Who Cleans Up After Seeing Eye Dogs?

Matt Soniak

Dog turds are stealth weapons. People with 20/20 vision often fail to notice them until they appear hours later, on the bottom of a shoe.

6 Odd Things Eaten in Japan

David K. Israel

Because it’s surrounded on all sides by water, it makes sense that much of what the Japanese eat comes from the sea.

Quiz: Did Andy Rooney Really Say That?

Jason English

Andy Rooney announced today that Sunday will be his final 60 Minutes commentary. This likely means it's the last time we can trot out this old Andy Rooney quote quiz.

Brainworks: Explaining Optical Illusions and Other Mental Tricks

Jason English

Back during the summer, an early copy of Brainworks showed up in our office.

Glory Day: Lancaster's Brief Stint as Our Nation's Capital

Ethan Trex

On this date in 1777—and only this date—the capital of the U.S. was in the heart of Amish Country.

(Some) Dead Sea Scrolls Available Online

Chris Higgins

It was bound to happen: you can now access the Dead Sea Scrolls online. Well, some of them.

Brain Game: Single Letters

The Brain Game presents: Tuesday Test Time. Of all the chemical elements, exactly 14 have a one-letter chemical symbol. Each single-letter symbol is given in the list below.

Morning Cup of Links: Top 10 Books Lost to Time

Brian Abrams

To honor the life of Doritos creator Arch West, who died yesterday in Dallas at the age of 97 (R.I.P.), here are 17 adorable animals enjoying his artificially flavorful snack. * Physicists shock the

From Barbies to Maggots: The Nicknames of 25 Fan Bases

Stacy Conradt

The world is full of obsessed music lovers - I just hope someday when throngs of admirers come to see me in concert (hopefully they like horrible singing), they have a nickname as cool as

Things You've Always Wondered (But Not Enough to Actually Look Up)

Jason English

Over the years we've gotten piles of great ideas from readers in emails that start like this: "I've always wondered about this, but never actually took the time to look it up..."

From Math Theorems to New Species: 5 Things You Can Name After Someone

Jill Harness

Are you looking for a gift for the person who has everything (or who never seems to want anything)? Have you considered a new math theorem? 1. A New Math

20 Tweets Illustrated by Twaggies

David K. Israel

My LLC,, just published its 500th crowd-sourced, illustrated tweet! To celebrate, here's twenty Twaggies I thought you guys would enjoy! 1.