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A Kentucky City Is Letting Residents Pay Parking Tickets With Canned Goods

Kirstin Fawcett

The month-long “Food for Fines” program will help stock the shelves of a local food bank.

Experience Upper Austria as a Timelapse Tourist

Shaunacy Ferro

Time for a quick fly-by of a historic alpine town.

9 Fuzzy Facts About the Portuguese Water Dog

Rebecca OConnell

Learn more about these athletic dogs and their European origins.

Dubai is Equipping Their First Responders With Jetpacks

Michele Debczak

Only in Dubai.

Scientists Identify Proteins That Align with Magnetic Fields

Kate Horowitz

Scientists have discovered a protein complex in several species that aligns itself with magnetic fields.

What’s Actually Used as Dirt on Rooftop Farms

Michele Debczak

Here's why putting real dirt in your rooftop garden isn't a smart move.

How France Responded to 9/11

David W Brown

"Today it is New York that was tragically struck but tomorrow it may be Paris, Berlin, London."

'Blood Rain' in Spain Is Partially Explained

Kate Horowitz

Scientists found particles of algae that turned the rain red.

11 Inventive Facts About 'Hugo'

Rebecca Pahle

7. The automaton really works.

The Science That Drives 11 Play Activities

This Clingy Strapless Bra Works Like a Gecko's Foot

Michele Debczak

Science could hold the solution to bra slippage.

This Hugging Machine Embraces You Back

Caitlin Schneider

Like any relationship, there's a certain amount of trust involved.

Watch This 1968 BBC Interview With J.R.R. Tolkien

Anna Green

Tolkien discusses his inspirations, and wishes he could talk to trees.

'Symmetry,' a Math Film by Charles and Ray Eames

Chris Higgins

What's the most symmetrical geometric shape?

A Guide to Beer and Food Pairing

Rebecca OConnell

Beer can be paired with a lot more than a burger.