The Men Behind the Tools

Ethan Trex

You may not realize it, but you've got quite a few proper names in your toolbox or hanging above your workbench.

Brain Game: Filling Station

We are working on a system to make these puzzles interactive.

Morning Cup of Links: Limburger Cheese

Miss Cellania

This is a news website article about a scientific paper. I can vouch that these are almost the same all over the world, except some come with pictures.

The Number of the Day: 3,000,000

Andréa Fernandes

One human being's network of neurons, laid end to end, might extend as far as 3,000,000 miles. Related Link: This week we're pulling Numbers of the Day from the beautiful and fascinating

The Late Movies: Surreal Fun with Mary-Kate and Ashley

Ransom Riggs

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are all grown up now, and they seem to have shed most of their little-kid image (by engaging in lots of tabloid fodder and taking pseudo-shocking roles in various indie film

The Quick 10: 10 Cool Corn Mazes

Stacy Conradt

It has been a few years since I've made my way through a corn maze (a Maize Maze, to some), but these 10 have inspired me to seek one out this year. 1.

Don't Put Your Hand in the Large Hadron Collider

Chris Higgins

In this video, a variety of scientists are asked this simple question: "If I put my hand in front of the beam at the Large Hadron Collider, what would happen?" Their answers are all over t

Lunchtime Quiz: Restaurants of Celebrity Chefs

Ethan Trex

You know their faces from their appearances on countless cooking shows, but how well do you know celebrity chefs' restaurants? Take our quiz to

History of the U.S.: Benedict Arnold: He Coulda Been a Contender

Stacy Conradt

His name instantly summons images of betrayal by candlelight. But what exactly did Benedict Arnold


David K. Israel


Contest Winners!

Andréa Fernandes

Last month, we asked for more amazing facts like this one: Forty is the only number that, when spelled out, has its letters in alphabetical order. We got an amazing response in the comments, but t


Ransom Riggs

One-sheets are what movie marketing people call movie posters. It's what you see hanging in movie theater lobbies, plastered on billboards, and (with some variations) on the DVD box.

Brain Game: Math Square #43

The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9. Each digit should appear only once in this main grid (the red square). One number is provided for you.

Morning Cup of Links: Ghost Ops

Miss Cellania

How ghosts, superstitions, and vampires have been used for psychological warfare.

The Number of the Day: 700

Andréa Fernandes

Giant clams embed themselves in the seafloor and never move.