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Weird, Wonderful and Terrible Movies You'll Never See

Jill Harness

If you're a regular mental_floss reader, you might remember Eddie's article about The Day The Clown Cried, the lost Jerry Lewis film.

Is Flipping a Coin Really a 50-50 Proposition?

Ethan Trex

Flipping image via ShutterstockDon't bet on it. In 2004, three statisticians from Stanford and UC Santa Cruz set out to test the classic coin flip.

Are Red Lights the New Commercial Breaks?

David K. Israel

Commercial breaks are so pre-TiVo, right?

Dietribes: Bloody Mary

Allison Keene

• So what exactly is in a Bloody Mary?

How Robots Make Sense of Our World

Chris Higgins

Robot Readable World is a short film assembling footage from computer vision experiments -- in other words, "what robots see" as they look at video footage.

19 Famous People Who Started as Extras

Eddie Deezen

These people all made one or more appearances as movie extras before going on to bigger and better things.

Brain Game: Arthritis

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge is a word ladder.

Morning Cup of Links: Marshmallow Cannon

Miss Cellania

Should people be required to earn a GED to receive unemployment benefits?

World War I Centennial: More Guns and Ships for Germany

Erik Sass

Installment #4: After the Second Moroccan Crisis, as European leaders confronted the suddenly very real possibility of a continent-wide war, internal political tensions in Germany moved into the foreg

The Late Movies: California Raisins

Erica Palan

Sure, we were all psyched about the commercials before last weekend's Super Bowl, but will any of them spawn Emmy Award-winning TV specials?

Taylor Wilson at the White House

Jason English

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Last summer we ran a profile of Taylor Wilson in mental_floss magazine. Today the kid was at the White House!

40 Years Ago, Iran Was Hit by the Deadliest Blizzard in History

Haley Sweetland Edwards

Blizzard image via Shutterstock Forty years ago this week, the deadliest blizzard on record ripped through the lower Caucasus and into Iran, where it left 4,000 people dead.

What Disneyland Looked Like in 1957

Chris Higgins

Disneyland opened in 1955. Just two years later, the film below was shot. This footage has been in the vault, so to speak, since then; it was just released by Todd J.

10 Excellent Bookstore Cats

Miss Cellania

Not all bookstores have cats: the big chains don't have cats, and some mom and pop stores keep their cats at home, so if you are allergic to cats, you can still find a place to browse for reading

Brain Game: Feel Like a Number

Put on your mathematical thinking cap and take the Tuesday Test Time challenge for today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game.