Why Do We Call the President's Wife “First Lady”?

Stacy Conradt

We may have Zachary Taylor to thank for coining the term, but it’s a journalist who popularized it nearly 30 years later. As I’m sure many of you know, Dolley Madison was one of the most beloved fi

Brain Game: Short Spell #2

I offered our first Short Spell puzzle two weeks ago, so here's a second go-round for today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Megavirus

Miss Cellania

The Mars Rover Opportunity has been exploring the red planet for seven years now.

The Ancient Websites of 8 Republican Presidential Candidates

Matthew Hickman

The race for the 2012 Republican nomination is in full swing.

Skin Cell Regeneration from a Bioreactor

Chris Higgins

Here's a clip from National Geographic Explorer, showing Dr.

Your Top 10 SNL Cast Members

Colin Patrick

I would like… to feed your fingertips… to the wolverines. With a simple English language lesson, Saturday Night Live proclaimed its arrival to the world on this day 36 years ago. Because I am su

10 Brilliant Halloween Costumes

Miss Cellania

Modern technology makes dressing up for Halloween (or any costume occasion) more fun than ever!

How Poisonous Is Lily of the Valley?

Matt Soniak

We don't want to spoil anything from this season of Breaking Bad for those who haven't seen it.

8 Posters for the Nerd in All of Us

David K. Israel

Illustrator Nicole Martinez could be the _floss, er, poster child.

Brain Game: Zed's Dead

It's Tuesday Test Time here at the Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Princess Bride, Reunited

Miss Cellania

Chilean Miners Fight Their Demons.

Breaking Bad's Gus Was Big Bird's Camp Counselor

Jason English

Giancarlo Esposito (the super intense Gus Fring on Breaking Bad) had a stint on Sesame Street—he played Big Bird's camp counselor in 1982. Let's take a look.

The Late Movies: The Feynman Series

Chris Higgins

Tonight, let's celebrate physicist Richard Feynman.

The Stories of 10 People Featured on Historically Bad Album Covers

Kara Kovalchik

Bargain bin recording artists are people, too. In the interest of balanced reporting, I hereby submit to you the very human stories behind some of those infamous photos.

5 Odd Balls

David K. Israel

Sure, you know your footballs, baseballs, tennis balls and basketballs. But what about the lesser-known balls? Let's take a closer look at some, er, odd balls now. 1. Jai Alai