Brain Game: Just Like Ronnie Says

Here's a quick one for the Think Thursday challenge at the Brain Game. Good luck! FIVE former U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: Steve Jobs' Life

Miss Cellania

Apple founder Steve Jobs died yesterday at age 56.

The Late Movie: Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Address

Jason English

My sister Karen was a member of Stanford's Class of 2005, so I was in the stands with my family for Steve Jobs' famous commencement address.

The Flags at Apple

Jason English

Just today one of our interns was working on a quote quiz: 'Steve Jobs or The Matrix?' We probably won't have her finish it, but one of the quotes she stumbled across—which I didn'

17 Vowel-Free Words Acceptable in 'Words With Friends'

Jamie Spatola

Don’t be down about your next panel of consonants. Instead, take the challenge as an opportunity to show off your newly acquired vowel-free vocabulary. Three-Letter

What Happened to the X-Rating?

Laura Turner Garrison

Once a pariah among concerned parents and a source of snickers among schoolchildren, the dreaded X-rating has all but vanished.

Starting Tonight: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie

Chris Higgins

Tune in live tonight (Wednesday, October 5) at 10pm ET/PT for Penn & Teller's new series: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie on Discovery.

Dietribes: Simply Radishing

Allison Keene

• Radishes were so highly valued by the ancient Greeks that small replicas of them were made in gold; beets were shown in silver and turnips in lead. The Greeks of the third century B.C.

Why Do Spicy Foods Make Your Nose Run?

Matt Soniak

Hot sauces, curries, wasabi peas and other spicy treats turn you into a snot faucet.

Photos of Rock Castle Taken by Jimmy Page

David K. Israel

Here's something interesting: Earlier this year, went live.

Brain Game: Filling Station #8

Here's some more Filling Station fun at the Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Musical Pac-Man

Miss Cellania

NASA is looking for the next generation of astronauts.

The Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

Colin Patrick

As a father of two small children, I know that it’s always a little easier to get a child to follow a routine if one of their favorite characters are involved. Want you child to go to bed?

21 Things You Didn't Know About the 21st President

Stacy Conradt

Sometimes, to amuse myself, I try to list all of the United States Presidents by memory. (What... you don’t do that?) I always forget poor Chester A.

The Late Movies: "Atlantic City" Covers

Erica Palan

While researching this post, I came across a quote from Justin Townes Earle that I just loved.