Brain Game: Still Puckish

Last week, to celebrate the return of professional ice hockey across North America, we asked you to decipher the mixed-up names of five NHL teams. Today, we offer you five more.

Morning Cup of Links: Map of the Internet

Miss Cellania

Randall Munroe of xkcd updated his 2007 map of online communities.

In the Beginning: The Origins of 9 Cat Breeds

Ethan Trex

We’ve covered the origins of various dog breeds before, so it’s about time we gave cat lovers some info, too. Let’s take a look at how several of your favorite breeds grew to prominence. 1.

The Late Movies: How to Iron a Shirt

Chris Higgins

So you think you know how to iron a shirt? Take it from the YouTube experts, there's actually a lot of technique involved!

The Incredible Art of Modern Sculptures

Jill Harness

Whether they're creepy skeletons climbing up stairs, terrifying baby carriages made of steel or castles popping up from a Lego book, the art of sculpture is always fascinating.

The MythBusters Answer Your Questions!

Chris Higgins

It's here -- the mental_floss interview with the MythBusters, featuring your questions! (Also here: a new season of the show, starting tonight: Wednesday, October 6!

Dietribes: I Believe I Can Fry

Allison Keene

• In addition to the waffle which bears their name, the Belgians claim to have invented "French" fries, although accounts are unconfirmed.

Ten Thousand Years Older: A Fascinating Short Documentary by Werner Herzog

Ransom Riggs

I've long been interested in remote cultures and uncontacted peoples, a fascination I share, apparently, with film director Werner Herzog.

At the Libraries: 20 Brilliant Bookcases

Miss Kathleen

Are you tired of your boring, plain, everyday bookcases? Me too!

A Short History of Long-Haired Music: Introduction

David K. Israel

There’s a wonderful scene in the classic mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap, where mockumentarian, Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner), is interviewing Spinal Tap songwriter, Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest), se

The Number of the Day: 8'2"

Jason English

Just how big is Big Bird? 8 feet, 2 inches.

National Geographic Answer Book Winner!

Andréa Fernandes

On Friday, we asked readers to submit amazing demographic facts.

Brain Game: Go State!

In last week's exciting college football game, four players - Carl, Clint, Curtis, and Carey - each scored once for State University in their big win against Tech.

Morning Cup of Links: Antique Heart

Miss Cellania

Take a look at The World's First Artificial Heart. It looks mechanical almost to the point of steampunk, yet it did its job back in 1969. * A story of censorship in our schools.

The Late Movies: How Musicians Would Fix the Music Business

Carl King

The music business is a baffling vending machine. Kick it and yell, but it's not giving your dollar back. What's that squeaking noise and red blinking light? Do you smell smoke?