Morning Cup of Links: Sugar High

Miss Cellania

Jon Bon Jovi has opened a restaurant without fixed prices.

Four Cemeteries That Were “Relocated”

Stacy Conradt

You’re familiar with the scenario from your favorite horror movies: when a family moves into a house inconveniently built on top of a graveyard, ghostly shenanigans and otherworldly horrors ensue.

Horror Movies For Holidays Other Than Halloween

Jason Plautz

With only a week left until Halloween, the window for prime horror movie season is closing.

The Best and Worst Political Campaign Songs (But Mostly the Worst)

Haley Sweetland Edwards

With the campaign for the Republican nomination in full swing, candidates are beginning to rally their bases, retool their talking points and (cue the intro music, please!) select their campaign songs

Cookie Monster: "Me Love Technology"

Chris Higgins

For today's retro-techo-nostalgiariffic lovefest, I happened across an old Sesame Street video of Cookie Monster learning about computers from Prairie Dawn.

Li-fi: Data through illumination

David K. Israel

Soon, you’ll be able to go onlight instead of online. Li-fi is coming and it might be the death of Wi-fi.

Schlock Jocks II: More of TV's Coolest Horror Hosts

Bill DeMain

Last week we discussed some of TV's coolest horror hosts, from Vampira to Count Gore De Vol. With all the great hosts out there, the topic demanded a sequel. 1.

Brain Game: Math Square #95

Monday Math Square. Brain Game. Have at it! The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9.

Morning Cup of Links: Zombies and Heroes

Miss Cellania

The Eunuch Admiral. In the 15th century, Zheng He commanded a huge fleet that put European explorers to shame.

How George Washington’s Great-Grandniece Became Royalty

Stacy Conradt

Way back when the U.S. was deciding what the government would look like, there was some discussion about what exactly the leader of the country should be.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you

Weekend Links: Volcanoes Composing Music

Allison Keene

From the Department of Holy Cow! "Yes, a real Viking sword over 1000 years old.

Ten Years Ago Today, Apple Introduced the iPod

Jason English

On this date in 2001, Apple rolled out the first iPod. Here's how the New York Times covered the

24 Utterly Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Jill Harness

Whether or not you would ever dress up your own pet, it’s hard to deny that critters look cute in Halloween costumes, no matter what species they happen to be.

If You Touch a Baby Bird, Will Its Mother Really Abandon It?

Matt Soniak

Fact-checking our parents.