Alanis Irony: Nobel Winner Dies Days Before Award Given

David K. Israel

It's like something out of that Alanis song: An old man turned ninety-eight, He won the lottery and died the next day Dr. Ralph M.

A Song About Eponyms

Chris Higgins

NPR brings us "Wanna Live Forever? Become A Noun" -- a song about eponyms.

Magical Mystery Tour: The Beatles' Biggest Flop

Eddie Deezen

Did you know The Beatles made a TV movie?

The 2011 Zombie Invasion Schedule

Miss Cellania

Zombies make their appearances here and there all through the year, but you will see more of them this month.

Brain Game: Two Spares

It's Tuesday Test Time here at the Brain Game. Good luck! Ben and Cal are both excellent 10-pin bowlers, but have a little trouble in the first and last throw of each game.

Morning Cup of Links: Emergency Teddy Bear

Miss Cellania

The TV series Arrested Development will be resurrected for nine or ten new episodes before the movie is released.

Now Streaming on Netflix: The Wonder Years

Jason English

Before you sit down and watch all 115 episodes, see how well you remember the up-and-comers who appeared on the show in minor roles.

The Late Movies: Awesome & Elaborate Marriage Proposals

Andréa Fernandes

About a week ago, a guy named Jamin proposed to his girlfriend Valerie at Downtown Disney with a Marvels Dance Company flash mob.

7 Geeky Wedding Pictures From Ungeeky Weddings

Jill Harness

If you’ve followed mental_floss for long enough, you've probably seen Miss Cellania’s articles about geeky theme weddings.

Giving Rural Kids Computers and Seeing What Happens

Chris Higgins

Sugata Mitra's TED Talk starts with these words: "There are places on Earth, in every country, where, for various reasons, good schools cannot be built and good teachers cannot or do not wa

If a Foul Ball Hits You, Does the Team Owe You Anything?

Matt Soniak

© RHONA WISE/epa/CorbisOn August 29, former Phillie and current Florida Marlins infielder Greg Dobbs hit a kid in the face with a line drive foul ball while playing the Mets at Citi Field.The 12-year-

Bo$$ Box

David K. Israel

So this mysterious box showed up at the office.

Brain Game: Math Square #92

Thanks for beginning your workweek with today's Brain Game, a new Monday Math Square.

The Dick Van Dyke Show Turns 50

Eddie Deezen

On October 3, 1961—50 years ago today—The Dick Van Dyke Show first aired on

 Morning Cup of Links: Electric Flying Carpet

Miss Cellania

Graduate student Noah Jafferis built a magic flying carpet using SCIENCE!