Color Photos of London From World War II

Jason English

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the launch of Winston Churchill's WWII "V for Victory" campaign. To mark the occasion, gathered up color photos taken in London during the

Why Are Gossipy Newspapers Called "Tabloids"?

Haley Sweetland Edwards

While the sensational fall of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is chronicled this week by media outlets everywhere, we thought we’d get to the bottom of a less sensational question: Why are gossipy newsp

Brain Game: LLBBCK

Today's Wednesday Wordplay puzzle is a new set of entries in a popular challenge we ran on the Brain Game back in March.

Morning Cup of Links: Victorian Underwear

Miss Cellania

Phillip Mendonça-Vieira accidentally found himself in the possession of 12,000 screenshots of the New York Times homepage, which he arranged into a video for your perusal.

European Ghost Towns

Jill Harness

Boots N' All has a great article featuring 8 ghost towns—not in the Old West, but in Europe. The photos are stunning and the stories of how the locations became abandoned are always interesting.

The Late Movies: Soap Opera Product Placement

Erica Palan

It ain't easy being a soap opera in 2011.

At the Libraries: Librarian-Themed Birthday Parties

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Inside the Team That Cracked the Stuxnet Worm

Chris Higgins

Shown above: Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLC CPU, similar to one of those targeted by the Stuxnet worm. In an extremely comprehensive WIRED article, Kim Zetter tells the inside story of how researchers

The Secret Talents of the Horseshoe Crab

Brett Savage

When I was very young, I overheard one of my dad's friends telling him about a swimmer he had witnessed get attacked by a Portuguese Man o' War.

Cartman's Favorite Snack & Other Fictional Products That Became Real

Colin Patrick

In honor of South Park’s 15-year anniversary, the world will finally have the opportunity to watch the show while munching on their very own bag of Eric Cartman’s favorite snack – Cheesy Poofs.

10 Other People Who've Been Pied

Stacy Conradt

Image credit: @DanJHayes News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch took a shaving cream pie to the face today during his hearing before a committee of the British Parliament on the phone-hacking scandal.

Muzak History: The Background Story on Background Music

Ethan Trex

When you hear the name Muzak, you probably think of the type of easy listening music one often encounters in elevators or while on hold at a call center.

Snail Mail My E-Mail

David K. Israel

So here's something pretty amazing: An artist and designer named Ivan Cash has decided to give back to the world in the form of snail mail. No, I don't mean junk snail mail.

10 Cool and Creative Marriage Proposals

Miss Cellania

Whatever your opinion of flashy, big-production proposals, you have to admit that someone who puts that kind of effort into asking a simple question is someone who really cares about the answer.

Brain Game: Je via sano!

The Brain Game presents Tuesday Test Time, live and with limited commercial interruption.