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10 Great Comic Book Cliffhangers

Mark Juddery

Super-hero comics have provided some brilliant cliffhangers over the decades.

Brain Game: Three Strokes Down

Here's a new mentalfloss.com Brain Game Free-for-all Friday challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Take a Tour

Miss Cellania

NASA takes us on a tour of the moon, courtesy of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Why Does Getting Hit in the Testicles Hurt So Much?

Matt Soniak

More than any other bodily injury, getting hit in the testicles is probably what every man dreads most.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme 62

Mark Arminio

It's time once again for the game that's sweeping the nation: GUESS THE THEME. All the clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments. Friends

From 1912 to 1948, Art Competitions Were Part of the Olympics

Scott Allen

Medals were awarded for architecture, music, painting, and sculpture.

4 Times Olympians Refused Their Medals

Scott Allen

When it came time to collect their medals, these athletes said, "No thanks."

What's the Origin of "Let the Cat out of the Bag"?

Matt Soniak

Image credit: ComstockThe first documented use of the phrase in the sense of “revealing a secret" comes from a book review in a 1760 issue of The London Magazine, wherein the reviewer laments tha

The Time 18th-Century French Aristocrats Fled to Rural Pennsylvania

Lucas Reilly

In 1793, the French Revolution was in full swing. Royal sympathizers—nobles, military officers, clergy, and other aristocrats—were guaranteed a sharp kiss from the guillotine.

Olympic Uniforms for the 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Miss Cellania

When the London Olympics open on July 27th, the Parade of Nations will be our introduction to the 2012 athletes.

A Woman With Number/Color Synesthesia Explains Her Brain

Chris Higgins

Alex Dainis has grapheme to color synesthesia, meaning that within her brain, numbers have strong associations with colors -- "each number has its own color, or personality," she explains.

At the Libraries: Divided Opinions on Stephen King

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Brain Game: Tee You

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge sends you across the globe to name four nations.

10 Lines From Napoleon's Love Letters That Sound Like Crazy Texts

Nicholas Ferroni

The letters Napoleon wrote to Josephine resemble the desperate, angry, and pathetic e-mails, texts, and voicemails you might see today.

Morning Cup of Links: Breaking Batman

Miss Cellania

Harbor the raccoon was caged, neglected, and malnourished before wildlife rehabilitator MaryEllen Schoeman took him in.