At the Libraries: Is MLIS the Worst Master's Degree?

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something noteworthy going on in your local library, leave us a

The Missing Links: This Whole Summer Thing Is A Bit Much

Colin Patrick

Knowing How A Magician Pulls Off A Trick Ruins the Show.

8 Incredible Libraries in Asia

Jill Harness

We’ve brought you libraries from Europe, South America, and North America. Now it’s time to head to Asia to see what the East has to offer. 1. David Sassoon Library,

You May Already Be a Winner! The Story of Publishers Clearing House

Rob Lammle

CBS/Landov Once upon a time, magazine publishers hired teams of commissioned salesmen that went door-to-door to drum up new subscriptions. It was a pretty inefficient way to sell magazines.

Burning Matches in Slo-Mo

Chris Higgins

In this five-minute video, photographer Nick Moore shows us how to build and photograph your own micro-forest fire, using strike-anywhere matches in a workshop setting.

A Day Trip to Chicago

Miss Cellania

What do you do with only one day in Chicago? My family recently went there for a biannual reunion that I explained in a similar post a few years ago.

Brain Game: Population 16,661

Can you come up with the one word that will solve today's Brain Game Think Thursday challenge?

Morning Cup of Links: Matt Dances Again

Miss Cellania

What would life be like in a world with no math? It just doesn't add up! * A Librarian Deals With Creeps, Crazies And Husband-Beaters.

Sex Toys for Winter Tomatoes

Matt Soniak

Tomatoes image via Shutterstock If you take a bunch of very smart, passionate science geeks, deprive them of sleep, fill them with booze, and put them in a room together, the conversations can take

12 Athletes Injured During Temper Tantrums

Bud Shaw

Temper tantrums often lead to ejections, suspensions, and fines. But these 12 athletes went the extra mile and actually physically hurt themselves,

The Late Movies: Inside The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds"

Chris Higgins

A few weeks back I came across this surprising fact: the Beach Boys song "Wouldn't It Be Nice" featured two accordionists, two drummers, three bassists, and thirteen more musicians.

How Does Glow-in-the-Dark Stuff Work?

Matt Soniak

If you’re a member of my generation or the one that raised it, your house was probably full of all sorts of glow-in-the-dark stuff in the 80s and 90s.

The Missing Links: Feel That Solstice In the Air

Colin Patrick

Butterfly In the Sky, I Can Go Twice As High... If you know how to complete this sentence, then man do I have an iPad app for you. * Bill Murray: He Came, He Saw, He Got Elected to the Minor Le

Did Astronauts Really Eat Astronaut Ice Cream?

Kara Kovalchik

Of the many specialty items made for space travel, food was obviously a top priority.

Mail Call! Looking for Letters About Our New Issue

Jason English

The new issue of mental_floss is now on newsstands and coffee tables and wherever else magazines are hoarded.