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Watch Early Test Footage for 'The Muppet Movie'

Chris Higgins

"Fozzie, see, the thing of it is—you're not a real bear. You're not a real, natural bear." -Kermit

40 Facts About ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Its 40th Anniversary

Live from New York … the legendary sketch show made its debut 40 years ago today.

Get New England Fall Foliage Delivered to Your Door

Michele Debczak

For just one easy payment of $19.99.

Listen to Kmart In-Store Music from 1992

Chris Higgins

Attention Kmart shoppers!

10 Haunting Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Sarah Watts

These horror movies are all real.

Your Bones Are Electric (Sometimes)

Kate Horowitz

Piezoelectricity can turn bones into batteries.

Russian Astronauts Might Someday Enjoy Burger King in Space

Kirstin Fawcett

The cheeseburgers would apparently come in tubes.

Watch 'The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson' from 1990

Chris Higgins

This Stress Relief App Forces You To Slow Down

Anna Green

The game is modeled on the slow, relaxing movements of tai chi.

How is Japanese Fake Food Made?

Rebecca OConnell

Watch one artist explain how he creates models of fake food that look good enough to eat.

Uniqlo Wants to Help You Pick Out a T-Shirt By Reading Your Mind

Roma Panganiban

23 Fun Facts About 'Firefly'

Rudie Obias

As the cast teases the possibility of a return 13 years after it was pulled from the airwaves, we're looking back at the sci-fi series that kicked off a Browncoat revolution.

Adam Savage Interviews 'The Martian' Author Andy Weir

Chris Higgins

Everything you want to know about "The Martian." Science, math, and sci-fi!

13 Fascinating Facts About ‘Miller’s Crossing’

Matthew Jackson

Though it was largely overshadowed by ‘Goodfellas’ when it was released 25 years ago, the Coen brothers’ masterful gangster film is worth a second look.

Neuroscience Is the Key to a Good Magic Trick

Caitlin Schneider

Even the most clever of magic aficionados can't compete with the brain's hardwiring.