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The Missing Links: Watch Robin Williams Recording the Genie

Colin Patrick

The Town Built On Asbestos (Population: 3)

Stacy Conradt

Wittenoom has no electricity, or running water, and was stricken from Australian maps back in 2007. So why do three holdouts still call the contaminated land home?

This Mini Personal Air Conditioner Cools Small Spaces

Andrew LaSane

Add water. Turn on. Relax.

20 Haunted Hotels You Can Stay In

Anna Green

Lost spirits and friendly ghosts allegedly haunt these hotels.

Get a Risk-Free Issue of mental_floss Magazine!

the mag

Interested in books or brains? Then you'll want to check out the October issue of mental_floss magazine!

New App is Crowdsourcing Weather Reporting

Anna Green

The app puts weather reporting into your hands.

A Museum Small Enough to Fit on Your Desk

Rebecca OConnell

Stegosaurus bone, mammoth meat, and the Berlin Wall: Keep an entire museum right on your desk.

Beet Juice Can Reduce Altitude Sickness

Shaunacy Ferro

High levels of nitrate in the juice help normalize blood vessel function.

11 Toasty Facts About Quiznos

Hannah Keyser

The sandwich chain has struggled recently, but there are still plenty of quirky facts from their 30 year history.

What Hägar the Horrible and the Chiquita Banana Girl Have in Common

Stacy Conradt

… Featuring a catchy 1944 cartoon starring the one-and-only Ms. Banana.

How Taco Emoji—and Hittite Hieroglyphs—Get to Your Screen

Maggie Shafer

Remember when there was all that internet racket about the taco emoji? The trending hashtag, the t-shirts, the campaigns—it was a global initiative, and it worked. And we were happy, for awhile ...

Are Squat Toilets Better for Your Butt?

Kate Horowitz

Proponents of squatting say seated pooping is hazardous to your health.

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Caitlin Schneider

How the flat circle of time became the world's standard model.

The No-Excuse Guide to Making Salad Dressing at Home

Caitlin Schneider

A surefire way to kick that bottle habit for good.