20 Obscure Words to Describe Collectors

Ethan Trex

You probably know that numismatists study and collect coins and currency, and you may even know that philatelists study and collect stamps.

Damn Fine "Twin Peaks" Coffee Ads from Japan

Chris Higgins

I'm a Twin Peaks fan, and like to think I know a little trivia about the show.

What 3-D Looked Like 150 Years Ago

Ransom Riggs

3-D technology has been around in one form or another for a very long time.

Dietribes: Spinach

Allison Keene

• Spinach is far fancier than you might imagine upon first glance: in some cultures, greens like spinach and kale symbolize money.

What It Takes to Be a Nation

Haley Sweetland Edwards

© Eddie Gerald / Demotix/Demotix/Corbis Not to get all existential on you, but what does it mean to be a “real nation”?

Brain Game: Filling Station #4

For today's Brain Game, it's Wednesday Wordplay and a brand new Filling Station puzzle.

Morning Cup of Links: Space Town

Miss Cellania

Now that the space shuttle program is closing up and 585 people are laid off, what will happen to Titusville, Florida?

Art From Used Chewing Gum

Jill Harness

Most of us only think about chewing gum on the sidewalk when it sticks to our shoes, but if you live in North London, that gum stain on the sidewalk might just be a tiny masterpiece. Artist Ben Wil

Maybe They Meant The Sign Was Staying

Jason English

A former Chrysler dealership near me. I hope one day it's resurrected and winds up on this

The Chilling Tale of James Bedford, Cryonics Pioneer

Stacy Conradt

Hundreds of people have been cryonically frozen since the idea became feasible in the 1960s.

What Is the Iowa Straw Poll?

Ethan Trex

In a little over a month, Republican presidential hopefuls will meet in Ames to square off in the Iowa Straw Poll. What the heck is a straw poll, and what do the results mean?

The Nazi Sex Doll Initiative

Erik Sass

It appears the Third Reich pioneered one of the weirder sides of human sexuality—catering to the need of lonely men to have intercourse with inflatable

The Late Movies: Flash Mobs Around the World

Allison Lex

Flash mobs, defined by Webster's as "a group of people who organize on the Internet and then quickly assemble in a public place, do something bizarre, and disperse," have become part of

Plus: Plus-Size Models

David K. Israel

Yesterday I wrote about Google+. Continuing with this week's plus theme, we have plus-size models.

4 Things You Can Do With Dry Ice (Besides Make Fake Fog)

Allison Lex

Dry ice—or solid carbon dioxide, as it’s more specifically called—is a staple item in middle and high school science classes.