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NASA Releases Super High-Resolution Video of Jupiter

Shaunacy Ferro

Hello there!

Can You Actually Learn in Your Sleep?

Anna Green

Before you invest in any programs that claim to teach you while you sleep, you should probably read this.

Time Capsule Film From a 1950s Mental Hospital Is Full of Mysteries

Shaunacy Ferro

What might that lost audio have contained?

Eye of a Honeybee Wins Microscope Photography Competition

Jen Pinkowski

The winning images were all taken under the microscope.

6 Insider Tips For Selling Your Book

Kyle Chayka the mag

A step-by-step guide on how to make it in the book-writing biz.

Watch 14 Minutes of Lost Animation From ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’

Anna Green

The rediscovered animation is a holy grail for Monty Python fans.

The Missing Links: Bill Murray's Christmas Special

Colin Patrick

This Chicken is Tweeting for an Australian Barbecue Company

Hannah Keyser

Whether she realizes it or not, this chicken named Betty is on her way to setting a world record for tweeting.

Why Would You Choose To Have Your Head Frozen?

D.J. MacLennan

11 Cultural Breakthroughs Genghis Khan Achieved During His Reign

The Answer Begins With 'L'

There's your hint.

Artist Buys Run-Down Chicago Bank for $1 and Transforms It Into Arts Center

Rebecca OConnell

This crumbling bank was destined to be torn down, but one artist had other plans.

10 Most Relevant or Memorable Words from the Democratic Debate

Arika Okrent

Vocabulary.com used their list-making tool to figure out what the most relevant words used in the debate were.

The Science Behind a Relaxing, Hallucinatory Float in a Dark Tank of Water

Shaunacy Ferro

Flotation REST is a form of sensory isolation that some researchers say could treat chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

Look Like Superman While You Ride This Prone Bicycle

Hannah Keyser

A prone bicycle claims to have improve upon the classic with a number of safety and efficiency upgrades.