Happy 70th Birthday, Paul Simon!

Bill DeMain

To celebrate the birthday of one of our finest pop composers, we look behind the scenes of his classic song, “Bridge Over Troubled

Double Trouble: When Identical Twins Run Into the Law

Matt Soniak

Last night, Law & Order: SVU did that “ripped from the headlines” thing where they borrow elements of real-world criminal cases or address current issues in law enforcement.

The Grand Slam Single and Other Home Runs That Didn't Count

Jason Plautz

After Nelson Cruz’s dramatic walk-off grand slam on Monday, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not it was really the first walk-off slam in postseason history.

A Telephone Explains the Meaning of Life

Chris Higgins

Reporter Joshua Topolsky at This is My Next decided to ask the new iPhone's voice assistant some unusual questions.

A Tree Grows in Los Angeles

David K. Israel

This is a double post, rolled into one. What I mean is, first I'm going to announce the winner of the Boss box contest and then I'm going to launch a new contest with another cool prize.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme XXV

Mark Arminio

It's Thursday, it's late, it's time for GUESS THE THEME! All the clips below have something in common. Leave you best guesses in the comments.

Ten Terrific or Terrifying Treats for Halloween

Miss Cellania

All year long, we try to make food that is appetizing and pleasing to the eye. Then for Halloween, we reverse that and serve food that is ugly, scary, or otherwise appropriate for the holiday.

Brain Game: Buy a Pen, Will Ya?

Today's Brain Game Think Thursday challenge is one of my favorite old puzzles, because (for most of us) it makes you think more than you'll think you have to think.

Morning Cup of Links: Die Hardest

Miss Cellania

The challenge is to define what a "sandwich" is without running into logical exceptions.

This Guy Holds More than 100 Guinness World Records

Stacy Conradt

Trying to set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to Hula Hoop 10k? You’re going to have to beat Ashrita Furman. Most jelly eaten in one minute, blindfolded with no hands?

The Late Movies: The Sagan Series

Chris Higgins

Reid Gower has been assembling videos featuring Carl Sagan, primarily using Sagan's narration from Pale Blue Dot and assorted documentary footage.

Is Superman a Democrat? On Politics and Superheroes

Haley Sweetland Edwards

Is Superman a Democrat? Is Batman a Republican? And more to the point, what’s up with spandex-clad superheroes dabbling in real-life politics? The short answer is it’s nothing new.

Pictures of People With Everything They Own

Jill Harness

We always hear about how materialistic Americans are, but how do we compare on a global scale—say, in contrast to a family from Kuwait or China or Mali?

The Troops Need More Coke

Chris Higgins

In this fun letter of note, the 55th Infantry Exchange at Camp MacArthur in Waco, Texas informs the Coca Cola [sic] Bottling Works about a desperate problem: the troops need more Coke.

Smart Aleck

David K. Israel

When I tell people some of the hilarious things my son Jack has done or said over his barely-four years, they often think I'm making it up. Truth is, you just can't make this stuff up.