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Do All Houseflies Hum in Key?

April Daley

No matter their size or speed, the household pests are always in sync.

New Test Detects All Viruses That Infect People and Animals

Jordan Rosenfeld

ViroCap can also detect “novel” viruses not yet identified, as long as they share a few genetic characteristics with known viruses.

Scan Through History With This Beautiful Interactive Timeline

Caitlin Schneider

An interactive tool that makes the past feel like so many puzzle pieces fit together.

10 Heart-Warming Hot Springs to Get You Through Winter

Janet Burns

Don't pack those bathing suits away just yet.

Perfectly Microwaved Pizza is Finally a Reality

Andrew LaSane

Reduce food's exposure to harsh microwaves with this special pan.

Artist Animates Retro Book Covers With Mesmerizing Results

Rebecca OConnell

Book covers from the '60s and '70s are perfect candidates for psychedelic animations.

30 Amazing Facts From Our Instagram

Olivia Harrison

Fun fact: mental_floss has an Instagram account.

9 Spooky Spells from an Icelandic Book of Sorcery

Erin McCarthy

'Sorcerer's Screed' was first published in 1940.

Is This the Nation's Oldest Surviving Chemistry Classroom?

Kirstin Fawcett

The historic room was hidden behind the brick walls of the University of Virginia's famous Rotunda.

5 Questions: A Hatful of Rain

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9 Halloween Costumes Ripped from the Headlines

Miss Cellania

Halloween costumes that scream “2015.”

Watch a Levitating Drop of Water Turn Into a Star

Shaunacy Ferro

The research could one day help keep coal miners’ lungs clean.

7 Blood-Thirsty Facts About Europe’s Real-Life Vampires

Hide a Plant on Your Bookshelf

Rebecca OConnell

Sneak some foliage into your library.

Doctors Find Fetus Inside 4-Year-Old Boy's Stomach

Kirstin Fawcett

The rare condition is called fetus-in-fetu, or "a baby within a baby."