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The World's Lightest Metal is 100 Times Lighter Than Styrofoam

Andrew LaSane

A material 100 times lighter than Styrofoam.

Using a Hoverboard in Public is Illegal, British Police Say

Caitlin Schneider

Keep your self-balancing scooter to yourself if you want to avoid a ticket.

What Kind of Emailer Are You? New Study Compiles Stats on Emailing Habits

Anna Green

A recent study finds that most people respond to emails within a day.

11 Spunky Facts About the Maltese

Rebecca OConnell

Learn more about one of the world's oldest lap dogs.

Scientists Successfully Create Brain-to-Brain Link

Jordan Rosenfeld

Through a brain-to-brain interface, subjects guessed accurately 72 percent of the time.

How Globes Showed the Earth Was Round (Way Before 1492)

Maggie Malach

Sorry, Columbus fanatics. The Spaniard didn't debunk the flat earth theory any more than he "discovered" the Americas.

'Glacier Mice' Are Scampering Balls of Moss

Kate Horowitz

Each glacier mouse is home to a tiny, secret world.

14 Things You Might Not Know About 'CHiPs'

Jake Rossen

Erik Estrada once broke eight ribs, his wrist, his collarbone, and his sterum shooting an episode. The man was dedicated.

Why Are Car Air Fresheners Shaped Like Trees?

Jake Rossen

Their inventor originally wanted them in the shape of a curvaceous, kneeling woman.

Immerse Yourself in the Sounds of the National Parks

Caitlin Schneider

The ambient sounds of the National Parks of the Southwest is about to be your new favorite album.

Paramount Releases Over 100 Free Movies on YouTube

Anna Green

Cinephiles rejoice!

Corals' Competitors Can Be Accomplices Against Starfish

Matt Soniak

Coral reefs are in trouble. On these Pacific reefs, one of the major causes of coral loss is predation by the crown-of-thorns sea star.

Brazilian Campaign Yarn Bombs Traffic Signs to Remind People to Donate Clothes

Rebecca OConnell

It's getting cold out and everyone needs some extra layers—even the people on the traffic signs.

Fancier Words for the Shapes in Your World

Sean ONeill Arika Okrent

Square, circle, triangle—how boring!

5 Unbelievable Airplane Seat Patents

Caitlin Schneider

The future might mean flying bunk beds.