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11 Fragrant Facts About Trash

Shaunacy Ferro

One man’s trash is another man’s fun fact.

Turn Boring Text Into Ballads With This App

Shaunacy Ferro

Typatone puts a soundtrack to your words.

11 Scientific Reasons Why Being in Nature is Relaxing

Nearly One-Third of Cacti Are at Risk of Becoming Extinct

Kirstin Fawcett

One major threat? Collectors and horticulturists harvest the wild plants and sell them illegally.

Read Oliver Sacks’s Academic Work for Free

Kate Horowitz

A selection of the neuroscientist’s papers will become available December 1.

Go Ahead, Eat Your Nail Polish

Beth Anne Macaluso

Chronic nail biters beware.

Fossils Reveal How and When Giraffe Necks Grew Long

Anna Green

The giraffe's neck evolved in two stages, millions of years apart.

8 Halloween Costumes That Have Been Banned By Schools

Andrew LaSane

These costumes were considered to be offensive or just too scary.

Neuroscientists Create a Digital Rat Brain

Shaunacy Ferro

The scientists were able to get a small slice of digital brain to act like a real biological neocortex.

Fix Things On the Go With Hot Glue Matches

Rebecca OConnell

Get crafty (even without the plug).

16 Fascinating Facts About 'Training Day'

Roger Cormier

Denzel Washington played against type, and won an Oscar for his efforts.

Los Angeles Restaurant Serves 'Star Wars' Chocolate

Rebecca OConnell

Eat them we will.

He's So Hot Right Now: New York Has a Will Ferrell-Themed Bar

Erika Berlin

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Rainy Weather Could Spell Doom for This Year's Pumpkin Pie

Bess Lovejoy

Let the pumpkin hoarding begin.