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The Greatest Computer Show from 1983...and 2015

Chris Higgins

Computer Show hosts from 1983 encounter guests from 2015. Hilarity ensues. ("Wait, let's go back to this...'web-site'?")

10 Space-Age Facts About ‘WALL·E’

Rebecca Pahle

It’s the Pixar movie that made cockroaches cute and had us all sobbing about a trash compactor.

You Might Be Eating Fibers and Plastic With Your Fish

Starre Vartan

What appears in fish guts is a reflection of wastewater treatment and recycling—or the lack thereof.

In China, McDonald's Is Selling a Hamburger With a Gray Bun

Kirstin Fawcett

The "Modern Chinese Burger" will be available at select locations until Nov. 3.

Stream The Classic Tetris World Championship Today!

Chris Higgins

Who loves Tetris, Nintendo, and has two super-fast thumbs? These champs.

Why Scientists Are Training Wolves to Run on a Treadmill

Anna Green

Researchers at the Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunn, Austria, have constructed what is perhaps the world’s largest treadmill.

How to Carbonate Fruit

Rebecca OConnell

The fizzy fruit is like a healthy version of pop rocks.

“Mighty Dolls” Turn Children’s Toys Into Inspirational Action Figures

Roma Panganiban

Playthings with something to be proud of.

What It's Like Photographing the Pope

Chris Higgins

Photographer Dave Yoder spent six months photographing Pope Francis. Here's what he learned.

18 Black-and-White Facts About ‘Clerks’

Nick Keppler

Kevin Smith’s 1994 directorial debut inspired a new generation of American indies.

New Mexico’s “Ghost Ranch” is Filled With Dinosaur Skeletons

Caitlin Schneider

The Southwestern graveyard of dinosaurs continues to be a source of discovery more than 100 years after its beds were first searched.

Sedentary Lifestyle Probably Won’t Kill You, New Study Says

Kate Horowitz

The new study contradicts years of reports that link sitting with mortality.

10 Deliberate Facts About '12 Angry Men'

Eric D Snider

Sidney Lumet's Oscar-nominated film is the gold standard of courtroom dramas.

Schlock Jocks: 12 of TV’s Coolest Horror Hosts

Bill DeMain

These invaders of the wee hour weekend airwaves guided young viewers through cinematic fare from 'Dracula' to 'Robot Monster.'

A Stop-Motion View of the First Moon Walk

Shaunacy Ferro

The Apollo photo archives make for great animation fodder.