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Why Does Germany Have So Many Different Names?

Sean ONeill Arika Okrent

Germany. Deutschland, Allemagne, Niemcy, Saksa, Vokietija...

Study Finds Men May Overeat To Impress Women

Anna Green

Researchers found that men consumed 93 percent more pizza and 86 percent more salad in the presence of women.

Microscopic Parasite Revealed to Be Teeny, Tiny Jellyfish

Kate Horowitz

Sequencing the myxozoans’ genome revealed their unlikely cnidarian origins.

Who Invented the Turducken?

Hannah Keyser

From the 18th century to John Madden's football broadcast, a brief history of the decadent dish.

11 Oo-De-Lally Facts About 'Robin Hood'

Stacy Conradt

Hollywood has come up with countless versions of Robin Hood and his Merry Men over the years, but only one of them stars a fox, a badger, and a wolf.

These Are the Most Popular Emojis People Use When Tweeting About TV

Michele Debczak

The most popular emoji is also Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year.

Learn How to Make Bread with a 2000-Year-Old Recipe

Caitlin Schneider

You might be surprised at how little things change in 2000 years.

Watch This Short Documentary About the Clock Built To Last 10,000 Years

Anna Green

Built to run for 10,000 years, The Clock of the Long Now is being built to promote long-term thinking.

Listen to John Steinbeck Talk About the Dust Bowl

Anna Green

In 1952, John Steinbeck sat down with an interviewer at Albany University to discuss 'The Grapes of Wrath' and the time period that inspired it.

Watch Master Artisans Handmake Gorgeous Moroccan Tile Mosaics

Rebecca OConnell

It's an ancient, painstaking process, but the results are sublime.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Home Barista in Your Life

Shaunacy Ferro

Make it a double, please.

Awesome Places (Arguably) Ruined By Popular Books

A rice paddy in Bali, a medieval Italian fortress, a logging town in Washington, and a few hunky-dory hiking trails have all found themselves at the center of a lot of unexpected attention.

7 Tough Facts About Tardigrades

Kate Horowitz

The microscopic “moss piglets” may be the hardiest creatures on Earth—and anywhere else.

Ditch the Mall and Get Outside This Black Friday

Kirstin Fawcett

Several states are offering free admission to parks and recreation areas.

5 Questions: "Pil"grims

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