Brain Game

The Fruit Bowl II

Brain Game

The Fruit Bowl II

Chappie the Robot

Chappie the Robot

Fast Food Failures

Fast Food Failures


11 Amusement Park Secrets From People Who Work There

Meredith Danko

Thanks to Reddit AMAs, or “Ask Me Anything,” we now know more about the behind-the-scenes of amusement parks than ever before.

Why Does Helium Make Your Voice Sound Funny?

Alvin Ward

Craig Benzine explains why your voice gets higher when you inhale helium.

11 Versions of “Average Joe” from Other Countries

Arika Okrent

Every country needs a way to talk about just “some guy.”

"Crash Course" is Officially Heading to Classrooms!

Chris Higgins

Childhood Snacks Taste Test

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Do they hold up?

11 Chemical Reaction Videos, Explained

Sean Hutchinson

Do You Know the Last Names of These Harry Potter Characters?

How We Came to Make Wishes on These 11 Things

Rebecca OConnell

11 Legal Cases with Crazy Names

Chris Higgins

Batman v. Commissioner, Terrible v. Terrible, Schmuck v. United States, and eight more real court cases.

Morning Cup of Links: Pee-Wee is Back!

Miss Cellania

11 Questions for Snow Artist Simon Beck

Erin McCarthy

11 Famous Books That Have Proven Impossible to Film

Jennifer M Wood

Not from a lack of trying.

The Kansas Shoe Salesman Responsible for Veterans Day

Jason English

There's a shoe salesman from Emporia, Kansas, who probably isn't in many history books, but he deserves at least a paragraph.

11 Movements to Replace Common Things

David W Brown

While the world around us is in a constant state of flux, it’s nice to know that some things never change—until now.

11 Dramatic Photos from World War I

Erik Sass

To commemorate Veterans Day, here are 11 photos highlighting different aspects of the war.