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11 Freshly Baked Facts About Pepperidge Farm

Ethan Trex

No matter how many Goldfish and Milanos you’ve eaten, you may not know how tasty Pepperidge Farm’s history has been.

Watch Nitrogen Triiodide Explode in Slow Motion

Shaunacy Ferro


Pick the Correct Word for Each Definition

Take the quiz!

See the Creative Process Behind Ben & Jerry Photoshoots

Rebecca OConnell

When showcasing its ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry's puts together playful photos placing pints in a whole array of situations

Soothe Yourself With "Drunk Tank" Pink

Stacy Conradt

The next time you need a time out, try thinking pink.

15 Vintage Facts About 'That '70s Show'

Roger Cormier

Nostalgia for a nostalgic show. It's all alright.

How Does Smell Work?

Julie Winterbottom the mag

Turns out, it's all in your head.

Amazon Prime Will Soon Bring Booze to Certain Cities in Under An Hour

Hannah Keyser

Amazon's new booze-delivery service hints at a whole new market for the online retailer.

Morning Cup of Links: The Street Signs of Paris

Miss Cellania

It's Friday! Enjoy some great links!

15 Interlocking Facts About LEGO

Jake Rossen

They make more tires than Goodyear. Tiny, tiny tires.

Boy Trips, Ruins $1.5 Million Painting

Mental Floss UK

A 12-year-old's fist accidentally gave this 350-year-old oil painting a makeover.

Art From the 1893 World’s Fair Was Found in a Chicago Storage Facility

Michele Debczak

The three pieces of Japanese art were previously thought to have been destroyed

10 Easy Experiments You Can Do With Liquid

Rebecca OConnell

YouTube user brusspup has compiled 10 interesting experiments that can be done using household liquids.

What‘s the Most Valuable Part of the Human Body?

Kate Horowitz

A hint: It's not the brain or the heart.

Check Your Email in the Bathroom? You're Not the Only One

Kirstin Fawcett

According to Adobe, 42 percent of Americans do it.