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Your body is amazing!

An Underwater Garden for Normal, Above-Ground Plants

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This definitely isn't your average greenhouse.

Man Flies Across the Sky in a Lawn Chair Attached To Balloons

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He achieved his dream of flying high—but angered local police in the process.

South Africans Made Paint Out of Milk 49,000 Years Ago

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Long before cattle were domesticated, people used milk as a paint base.

15 Things You Should Know About Rousseau’s 'Tiger In A Tropical Storm'

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What Forrest Gump Said at the Vietnam Protest March

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Ever wonder what it was that Forrest Gump said when his mic was unplugged at the anti-Vietnam War protest? Well, wonder no more ...

Living Root Bridges in India Aren't Built, They're Grown

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The Khasis people shape the growth of roots of the Ficus elastica tree, which grows a secondary root system above ground, to create bridges that can stretch up to 100 feet.

Help Map the World’s Auroras With the Aurorasaurus

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Can you see the aurora? Tweet NASA scientists—they're cataloguing global sightings of the beautiful shimmering light.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Richard Pryor

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Though he’s one of the world’s most iconic funnymen, Richard Pryor’s personal life was full of tragedy and challenges.

Male Testosterone Can Be Bad for the Economy

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Increased hormone levels make male stock traders more likely to take risks with their investments, a new study finds.

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U.S.-Issued Provisions Uncovered on Salisbury Plain in England

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The Missing Links: Why We Drink Milk

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